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A terrain mod ^^.
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I am going to start work on a terrain mod, and I am posting here for ideas, here is some stuff I am going to do...

1) Combining all tilesets into 1 tileset. Installation will be the base tileset, so the only thing this mod will do is screw up any installation maps you have. And you will be able to play on with this mod running as long as you do not play on Installation maps.
2) Adding some completly new terrain. Most terrains will have blends to most other terrains.
3) Stuff like ramps and bridges will actualy be like terrain so you can paint them as opposed to having to stretch them manualy by laying tiles
4) Some more doodads =P
5) Some terrain will have a square terrain option, so that you can draw striahgt vertical and horizontal lines and it won't look jagged.

Now these things might not get done becuase they require some EXE editing, but they might happen if I can figure out how to do them...
1) An overlay that stops air from passing. If I can't do that then a few terrain that Air can't pass, and a few that air and ground can't pass.
2) Multiple levels, This has a pretty good chance of happening.
3) Tunnels, this is probobly very unlikely to happen, but I haven't found any information on how this would be done yet, so it might be possible.

If anyone has any other ideas please tell me, I am really looking to make something that people will want to play, so any ideas, PLEASE POST THEM =P.
2006, 03, 10 21:02
broken bridges not really for gameplay but it would look cool
2006, 03, 11 16:12
What do you mean by broken bridges? like bridges that blend into dirt, or bridges that have broken? and half of it is in the water?
2006, 03, 11 20:16
like you see 1/4 of the bridge, then you see scattered pieces in the water in the middle, then 1/4 of the bridge again. not sure if its possible but it would look cool.
2006, 03, 11 21:50
Yea, it's very possible, I will be making bridges into terrain, so that you can paint it and paint your own little specs, there will be blends from bridge into waters, and into diferent terrains (dirt, snow, so on...)

And as for what's possible, anything that you could draw is possible to add into this, anything that chnges the mechanics (for example the no air terrain, or mutliple levels) might be a bit tricky to add in, but still tell me becuase I mgiht be able to figure out a way to do it.
modified by Syrreph
2006, 03, 11 22:05
mixing th tilesets togheter will be awesome for epic rpgs :)
2006, 03, 12 16:33
ive always wanted to mix desert and space....sigh my dream come true

2006, 03, 12 17:51
Space and desert will have some blends, although I'm not really seeing how a good space/desert map is going to look o0.
2006, 03, 12 17:56
2006, 03, 12 18:26
you could make rusty pit and tar it would be like a... yea rusty tar thing
2006, 03, 12 19:54
u all are generating some very nice ideas!! but is it gonna look natural???? ill only use it if the edges of cliffs and edges of water and ground are effectivly appealing. and if the cursor blocks to make the terrain are like staredits cursor and interface.

btw who will be doing all of this? syrreph???
2006, 03, 12 21:27
It will look natural yes, The terrains that are not already there are going to be a bit dificult, but I'm not going to realese anything half-assed =P. The curser will be like staredit for the most part, there will isometric layout and square layout that places terrain that is verticl (Not like the square that sc has now, but a square that actualy has blending, for things like cliffs where you just need s straight line...). The staredit interface is going to be one of the big problems becuase I have to do that from scratch.

I will be doing this with a program called tile edit that lets you change around the tiles, and photoshop.
2006, 03, 12 21:44
syrreph, I really want you to release something "half-assed", atleast here for testing purposes. People here could already test stuff you may not, plus you can already see how the distribution works. Adding more and more features should still be possible later.
2006, 03, 13 00:44
Well, the thing is it has to go through alot of steps before anything is realesable, cause I have to make an editor. I will be posting images though that I do in photoshop to show you'll how it's coming along, and some previews.
2006, 03, 13 02:16
:/can i make a tileset ;D
2006, 03, 18 06:46
Post an image and i'll chop it up in photoshop if I like it... Don't worry about the color palete, I can fix that myself.

It's taking me so long to have anything to show beecuase I can't get photoshop to load my paletes :(, but once I figure that out, stuff will come rolling in ^^.
modified by Syrreph
2006, 03, 18 16:27
I'm still haveing some problems with loading the pallet, but this is coming =P, I haven't forgotten about it.
2006, 03, 24 12:53
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