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You know, from the first time i come here, they weren't many mappers here. Now i see a lot of progress, with the site, and that the nomber of mappers and many new maps and styles are here with us. But i also notice one more thing adressed to the new wave of mappers...

WTF is wrong with you people?! Didn't we respect your maps and comment the same shit again and again every time when you submit a new map with the same mistakes? I think they are a lot of old mappers from this site that comment your maps and help, but what are you doing for the others like you?


The only thing i see is how you read and comment only your map, you don't wanna waste your time on others maps. People who come here with the same reason as you are here! But what are they? Stupid low-standing newbs, and you are the high-standing gosu, so others maps are not that good for you even to write a single comment with a cuple of suggestions of what to fix, etc, etc...


I won't point any names. Every person who feels that i am talking to him right now should shame of his acts.

P.S. Sorry, about my english, but i know that you got my point, and proove me that i am wrong...
2006, 03, 13 17:09
i know what you mean. this attitude has become standard, excluding only very few exceptions
2006, 03, 13 17:57
Im pretty sure im one of those whom lgi mentioned -_-
2006, 03, 13 19:24
not me though, im a model citizen
2006, 03, 13 23:38
Hi, i'm new to this site, where are the cards?
2006, 03, 14 05:23
why may i take interest in cards that have plagiarism begun of my cards? they are all +1 clone of my card. you are the uncle of a donkey if you think i shall be want to look at bad cards.

card = gosu korean slang ok?!-_-;;
2006, 03, 14 05:42
lgi, you should be the leader of the mapmakers union.

i wont cross the picket line, thats for sure
2006, 03, 14 06:18
"uncle of a donkey"

2006, 03, 14 08:36
i slain your donkey's idiotic child

+1 clone forum
2006, 03, 14 21:10
+1 clone clone
2006, 03, 15 00:34
your donkeys uncle has plagiarism begun on my thread.
2006, 03, 15 01:23
lol, epidiOns comments ftw X)

Except that, LGI you're just right.
modified by Listoric
2006, 03, 15 02:35
In all seriousness though, I can offer an explanation LGI. I know that a lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable offering any criticism on LGI's, NastyMarine's, Listoric's, panschk's, SP's, trcc's, travin's, etc... because those are the best mappers on the site. It's like me telling Reach how to play Protoss.

So it's hard to comment on people's maps when they are better than yours. _BUT_, there are also the people that only look at their own map threads, and that is just greedy.
2006, 03, 15 03:07
also u gotta be aware that some maps just arent interesting to you and you dont become motivated to comment on them. I dont comment on maps i dont see could be turned into something. There are guides on how to get there, use them before demanding my attention :P
2006, 03, 15 09:59
Well I try to drop a comment on every map. If I dont know anything to improve, I can just say that I like the map. When a map is obviously just a 5 minute map, I do not want to give long comments that take longer than making the map.
2006, 03, 15 14:57
Yeah, they said it.

But unless there's a glaring mistake/idea I see on SP, flo, LGI etc.'s maps, I won't really criticize, because they know better than I do :P.

And panschk man, have I ever thanked you for doing this site? It's beautiful... thank you!
2006, 03, 17 03:17
lmfao yeah thats word
2006, 03, 17 03:25
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