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another way of "mineral blocking"
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if you use an editor such as starforge, and place units or buildings for player12, they will appear on the map in melee mode!

this gives some new possiblities (I have written about it few times on
for example:
-blocking expos/paths with buildings
-leaving addons for terran
-leaving cc to infest for zerg (or for example grab an expo, make them choose)
-leaving units/heroes on the map for protoss to MC(other players will try to kill them?)
-decoration (but sprites are better for that, because they arent showed on minimap and cant be attacked)
2005, 07, 30 21:05
I just noticed that there is no account system here, so anyone could make a comment and use someone's else nickname :O
2005, 07, 30 21:05
Yes, we rely on peoples good manners and common sence and so far noone has acted the big idiot and broke those golden etics.

Your suggestion is very interesting. This way you can fight in abandoned burning terran bases in melee mode :) Could be great to give a campagin kinda feel over the melee gaming. very smart
2005, 07, 30 21:15
Ive only seen one map using it

Fastest Possible Green with "anti-rush" blockade
2005, 07, 31 04:07
Right :p
2005, 07, 31 11:52
I suppose maps with P12 are not fully staredit-compatible though?
2005, 07, 31 13:06
I've thought about this before...

What if it was used by placing a creep colony by the choke on a map where FE Zerg would normally not be viable? The Zerg would then be able to expand and build sunkens at the choke without having to build a hatchery there.
2005, 08, 04 12:03
Or you could simply put creep on the ground with SF tile editor :o
2005, 08, 04 12:22
Wouldn't it just go away, though?
2005, 08, 04 13:35
btw I tested it with SCMDraft, did not work for me. Has anyone else actually tested if it worked?
2005, 08, 04 13:38
tested what, creep tiles or player 12? creep tiles probably need ums or something.
2005, 08, 04 13:51
I meant p12. I also tested creep tiles, don't work neither. Maybe you need some special settings to make P12 buildings work, or only some of them can actually be used?
2005, 08, 04 15:16
addition: when placing creep tiles, they are displayed, but you can't use them like creep. They just look like it, and real creep does not grow on them.
2005, 08, 04 15:18
2005, 08, 04 15:56
We had big conversations about this in months ago.
Yes you can place P12 units and they appear in game. Who do you think the minerals and critters belong to? All you have to do is place P12 Sprite Units. You can MC them, land a cc onto an addon, and place creep colonies.

But im not a big fan of the idea. This kind of stuff should never be used in a Promap. This is like the new Genre of melee, just like $$ maps are. I would never play on a map like that tho.
2005, 08, 06 16:34
Smaller chokes, allowing only small units to pass have never been seen in pro maps, untill 1945 arrived. wider bridges etc were not part of the first promaps, and tell me what you want, people use this stuff so much now because of RoV, Gaia etc. Forte has very small mainbase, we would not have thought promaps with such a small mainbase would be possible...imo it would be cool to use a technique BEFORE it is implemented in a promap. Everything that works in melee should be considered if it helps gameplay and balancing imo.
2005, 08, 06 20:48
But i see where yenku is going. Changing the terrain makes more like different design than different gameplay as it would be if p12 was used. a wide bridge look cool, but plays the same way as wide area of rocky dirt. but if there are stray comsat stations placed on the map it may create map-unique strategies, and i think the game plays best if everything -in general- plays the same way. But on the other hand, im open for experiments, i might be wrong here and it might be cool to try it out.
2005, 08, 06 22:56
I havent tested it, but I wonder if it would be possible to give terran a free nuke :) (of course in a fun map)
2005, 08, 11 04:18
No, but a free nuclearsilo would be possible. you need triggers to include a nuke in it
2005, 08, 11 09:10
Im too lazy to test it, but I thought you just set a flag for nuke
I wonder if the new patch didnt affect it
2005, 08, 11 23:11
i mean IMpossible - you need trigegrs to do it :P

flag= idunno, not familiar with such methods.
2005, 08, 11 23:13
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