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Little Competition
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Its hard enough to make a balanced/playable 4 player smash hit map, but its also a great challenge to make a good looking/respectable 8 player map. I'd like to see who can make the best one of these monsters in a 128X128 map. Its actually a big challenge .. i started on one a few weeks ago and expo placement is a bitch (at least having expos creatively placed etc). So with this said, i would like to have a little side competition for any mappers who feels they are up to the challenge. There is no exact criteria other than that it has to be 128X128 and it has to have respectable concepts/ideas.

2006, 04, 27 23:57
Let's have flo make it official. Something like the theme competitions.
2006, 04, 28 01:30
make me an admin and ill host the competition!! after all it is my idea :).. jus a suggestion tho

i dont mind flo or sum1 else taking it over tho too.
2006, 04, 28 01:36
i'd also like to do the speedmap competition one weekend lol.
2006, 04, 28 02:09
Ooo.. I would be horrible at that...

But how would you know if people weren't cheating? They could have a partially finished map already started.
2006, 04, 28 04:09
ehh idk how to approach that.. jus hope everyones honest
2006, 04, 28 04:27
no its easy. in the speedmap you just set a certain theme. Jungle 4 player for example. imo there will be a very small chance they have already started the theme that is picked...
2006, 04, 28 20:08
also you can tell some1's usual work and something done in a hurry
2006, 04, 28 20:08
why not ask people to do something with a little more freedom, but still challenging, like:

make a fair, but the less boring the better, map, in 128x128, for 5 players. then do one for 7 players. that would be a true test.
2006, 05, 03 20:21
i just chose to have a 8 player contest first.. it is challenging and one who chooses not to take on the challenge is either not motivated, scared :) or jus doesnt liek 8 player maps.. i hope there will be at least a few submisssions .. if not then im not gonna name a winner.. its not exactly fair.

I have tons of competition ideas and this is the one i chose to try i out first. after this ill make a new thread concerning other ideas for a competition.. until then, make that 8 player map!!! :)
2006, 05, 03 21:24
Lol i did a 5 player 128x128 map. I feel proud of it :D
2006, 05, 03 22:49
the sungaze is cool millenium ! :)
2006, 05, 05 16:42
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