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Could somebody give me an image of a good looking upside 180 turned ramp on ashworld?I tried to make one for 2hours now and I just can't do it.It's some kind of impossible to me because every ramp just looks like crap.Normal widened ramps are looking awesome but the turned ones just are ugly.

Please post an image and if possible tell me what tiles you used.
2006, 05, 06 21:08
i can't think of anything giving a good transition.
how do you come to think there would be inverted ramps on ash? ash is the most unlikely by far
2006, 05, 06 21:55
Yeah and I try to do the most unlike map ever created,because people complain that our maps are standart and nothing new,so I give them the most unusual shit they ever saw :3
2006, 05, 06 21:57
well, upload it without the ramp and we'll see
2006, 05, 06 22:19
alright.I will when I made all 6 180 turned ramps :3
modified by ScoutWBF
2006, 05, 06 22:47
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