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Pasting custom ramps into your own map?
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Okay, so I have a few maps with custom upward ramps, and I can create a brush with them, but I can't paste the brush into another map... any idea how to do it? Just so I don't have to butcher those cool upward ramps by trying them myself.
2006, 05, 12 00:00
You can save brushes with ... not SCMdraft - what was the other editor called? Crap... can't remember. Starparty uses it also. Well, so, as said, you can save it with the other tool and then load the "brush" in a new map easily.
2006, 05, 12 13:30
StarForge... that's what I'm talking about using, but it isn't working. You can select your brush to paste, but it won't paste in. Maybe I'll check out the SCMDraft Tutorial here and see if I can do it in SCMDraft.
2006, 05, 12 15:03
iirc no, you neither can copy-paste through different maps in scmdraft :/
2006, 05, 12 15:34
you could probably bring it in via a hex editor but that would be a little bit involved to figure out how to do that
2006, 05, 12 15:39
actuially i got SCMDraft to work, so i use it more and more. STarforge is easier with tiles though
2006, 05, 12 16:03
very true
2006, 05, 12 17:31
Wait... so is it possible to paste from one map to another? Is that what SP was referring to?
2006, 05, 12 23:27
yes .. with starforge u shuld be able make custom tiles and reuse it in the same tileset somewhere else
2006, 05, 12 23:29
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