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Last update for (2) The Next : 2010, 06, 23 06:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4111 (2) The Next 128*96x-species0.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

U do so many maps so fast lol:

is easy takes me 1-2 hours ;d nvm and coment this one pls.What need to add or del :)
but he is getting kinda better ^^
10xxxx :D
Main to main distances are too short. Nat to nat distances are WAYYYYYY too short. 1 second, Terran's happily camping in his base, next second, he's containing your dragoon/zealot force at your natural.
it's a small map keep that in mind.. it's not designed for huge battles and 200x200 armyes..
i think your map spamming is kind of annoying. Look at all the maps you haven't updated!

You are getting better, though, x-species, so that could be a counter-argument.
The mains are too big, and there is much wasted space that could be used to open up the middle.

Overlord spots may be needed, too.
Yeah 4 sure, I see improvement 2.
Changes I suggest (at first glance) of the map:
Get rid of those 2 middle gas expos, and maybe do something + creative with the middle ?
"it's a small map keep that in mind.. it's not designed for huge battles and 200x200 armyes.."

So you expect the players to stop making units at 100 population? Or you expect that the heavy map imbalances force games to end quicker?

Because the mains are so close to each other, timing builds are much stronger, while Protoss will have a hard time vs Zerg in their forge+cannon FE since the zerglings can get to the nat in a very short amount of time. This will mean Protoss is forced, more likely, to go 2gate or some other 1base play.

In ZvT, since the zerg doesn't really have a good overlord spot to monitor enemy unit movement, the terran's first MnM push gives the Zerg less time to transform creep colonies into sunks, and if a zerg transforms their creep colonies into sunkens before the MnM pressure, they will be behind in minerals/drones, not normal when compared to other maps.

In PvT, since the nat2nat distance is short, and the map is already small, especially in the middle, the Terran might be able to slow push with turrets/maybe depots/mines toward the protoss's nat with the protoss having a slim chance to stop this because of the map's lack of openness in the middle.

Also, i don't think the expoes in the middle of the map will be used, since they are so vulnerable to attack, and basically in the map's main route for going from nat2nat. I advise that you should also remove one geyser from each of the corner expoes. In the 2 player map Odd-Eye, the double gas expoes were far away from the mains, so they were less likely to be used as third gases. Here, however, a player can destroy the neutral building and decide to expand to the double gas expo quite easily.
modified by JungleTerrain
and what need to do now :D ? tell me where i wrong ;d
i'm expecting the game to end before they get a 200 army :D
sucks piece of crap xaxaxaa :DDDDDDD
modified by hey
can someone ban hey :d he are just one litle retard with so much time and don't have any work .. just spam bwmn .. anyway i fix a lot of things for my map temples are stacked 5 times minerals on the ramps are 10 times stacked and deco are not finished yet :)
still sucks you hypocrite i do have a job get better in english noob xaxaxa :D :D :D:D

modified by x-species
Ok now is almost balansed ? tell me some bugs or something to fix it soon cuz i want this map to be perfect ;d
I think it is indeed still to close (nat2nat)
i would close one entrance and create another path through the middle of the map.. w8 i try to upload sth.
also, the 3rd expo should really be a mineral only, because you see, it will be easy for Z to tech up and expand to heavy gas very quick.

so, first change this please, and then we will see what happens next ;)
or what happens to "The Next" :P
So, my suggestion is sth like this: sorry for size!!


Doesnt even work. -_-
well then copy paste URL ;)
modified by Gnom

There you go, gnom :P
modified by Kinosjourney
um how did oyu do that? o_O
my code was correct. wtf. okay, you resized it or what? ._.

would this be better? with those temples?

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