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Last update for (2)Chars Hills : 2010, 08, 30 15:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4114 (2)Chars Hills 128*128Lobster: Pimped by LasTCursE0.1betaground

The map has been rated 89 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

of cmon at least say it sucks :( all that work and no comments :(
It doesn't suck :)
But I do think u could have fitted the concept in a smaller sized map.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Where is the original version of this map?

The map looks cool and all, but I think map size is too big, just like Sty_leZerg said.

I would suggest maybe putting the starting locations closer to the naturals, they seem kinda far.
modified by JungleTerrain


modified by LasTCursE
LOL the original version has such a strong mutalisk harass potential. You can move from the main mineral lines to the natural mineral lines and harass both virtually at the same time lol!

uhm, I would say i like your version more, LastCursE.
The corner expo looks very hard to attack, though. It's so easy to defend.
that's why it's a min only ;]
lol such big pics Marjoo wont be happy ^^
Oh, it's a mineral only? lol, i only looked at the picture and thought it was a gas expo because of the weird vespene geyser doodad

Why did u decide to pimp this 1 ?
cuz it seemed a cool map to me with potential and bad execution ;D (and i didn't make a map for quite some time ^^)
...original map had islands at corners.

i would turn the 8 and 2 high ground multies into Destination 3rd gases (very close to the wide ramps so it'll be impossible to smap photon cannons).

i think the middle expos (near de assimilators) should be minonlies, and if you move the 8 and 2 multies near the ramps, to turn them into destination 3rd gas, then the corner minonlies can become corner multies, with more than 1 entrance, you can put another ramp in the other side of the 8/2 destination 3rd gas, and maybe a 3rd entrance that goes from the lava in the bottom of the ramp to the middle of the map (near the nat entrance).

so it'll be hard to deffend, and will have 3 entrances, your ramp, another ramp in the edges of the map, and maybe a low ground entrance in the lava area that goes to the middle of the map. also protecting the nat choke will be more interesting like that.

the hole-doodads at 8/2 are unnecessary, you can place the destination 3rd gass there (exactly like the destination 3rd gas, with 4 chokes, 3 chokes in the wide ramps, instead of the bridge, you hace the ramp to the middle, instead of the normal sized ramp to the high ground gass at desti, you have the ashland custom bridge, and you keep the low ground choke there. The 4th choke will be in the backdoor, desti has only 1 bacdoor, but here you'll have 3, the current ramp to the corner expo, and the ramp i sugested to place in the edge of the map.

the asimilators aren't going to be used, you'll have to change the middle, so they can be in the fastest route. Here, the rush route is "nat > choke > wide ramp > high ground > Blue storm middle" instead of "nat > choke > asimilators". you should put the assimilators in the shortest way.

The main formations, try to put the minerals in the sides (like destination, python, fighting spirit, blue storm, etc). and put the geyser in the top of the start location.

all the expos should be more Recallable and droppable, but specially recallable, look at the original 3/9multies, near the bridges, they have a Match Point minonly empty space behind the mineral fields. maybe the highground near the choke, assimilators and middle expos should be walkable, and the middle expo should be tankable, that will bring some strategical points to the map.

and the nat should me more turretable. leave a way for lurkers and reavers to get dropped.

there it soo much empty space where you wrote "Char's Hills" maybe you can reduce the magma, and give more space to the miidle of the map. the magma behind the nat is also unnecessaryly big, just but enough magma to prevent tanks from atttaking the nat workers. and marines from killing the overlord from behind, more space than that is a waste.

what about some 815 ramps? or lurker eggs instead of assimilators? when assimilators get destroyed, the blue storm route will get fucked, and that suck at late game, BUT, if you place lurker eggs, it'll be okay for early game, and when lurker eggs get killed, you'll open a wide rute for tanks to pass. you can use the arbiter trick to keep the lurker eggs invisible.

nice work LastCursE, I think I'm starting to like your style.
K i'll get to work as soon as i can on what you said =]

Wellcome back testbug btw ;p

would this work for the 8/2 expos ?

double ramp idea for corners

Middle lurker egg+arbiter
modified by LasTCursE
Those ramps are so fucking sexy, great job Lastcurse :D

You should fix double ramps at the corners, but the lurker eggs will fix some path issue (i think the troy gates will aswell, im not sure).
modified by Kinosjourney
actualy lurker eggs and troy gates MAKE pathing issues xD so i made a normal choke little bit bigger than BS ; (all units can pass i think but only one at a time.. or i can close it entirely ? what do you think is better
maybe the destination expo should have a larger wide ramp, almots reaching the edge of the map (near the ash bridge). exactly like destination 3rd gas. and there should be less space for sunkens and photon cannons. (look at destination, the hatchery is in almost in the top of the ramp, and is't impossible to surround it with sunken colonies).

you have to fix the path issue by modifying the middle! maybe when reducing the magma space arround the mains and nat (where you wrote "Char's Hills") you can have a better middle.

test the map by playing vs a computer and walking arround to see if there are some places where scouting worker gets stacked or something.

i think lurkers eggs or neutral buildings are better than assimilators, because they will make a wider path in late game, and a tighter path early game.

what about the 3rd entrance to the corner expos i was talking about? it'll be a low ground path where you placed the lava tiles (in the bottom of the current ramp). so if you are being attacked by tanks from the highground (destination expo) your probes and drones can scape to your nat.
Why does it have to be exactly like destination ? ; besides i made it pretty open and even if you place a bunker it has to verry close to your CC,Nexus..

Reducing magma will make the min only expo in the middle tankable but may be i'll think of something

i test it with ppl on iccup and it has a pathing issue that units go
Nat>> Middle choke >> op. hill >> nat
instead of
Nat>> Hill >> op. hill >> nat
only solution i see is to close entirely that choke but that will be a very drastic measure.. and will reduce game play posibilities

i haven't look about the 3rd entrance and i don't rly get what you mean with it :D may be show on a picture with paint ? :

»NEW picture
»NEW middle choke
»NEW ramp at corner expos
»EDITED nat choke moved slightly to the side
»EDITED red's whole mineral formation was fucked up so i made it all over again
»EDITED blue's minerals where moved 1 nex upwards
»EDITED remoevd 1 minerals and the gas from middle expos
»EDITED 8/2 expos style
»EDITED moved 8/2 expo minerals closer to the ramp
»EDITED added some lava at 3/9 expo next to the bridge

modified by LasTCursE
Sow many pics ahhhhh!!
1) have you tested hydra all in vs protoss?

2) is it possible to deffend the protoss FE vs zerglings?

3) main mineral fields should be at the sides, like python, andromeda, fighting spirit, etc.

4) the 3rd gass should be exactly like destination because then protoss won't be able to spam lots of cannons in front of the nexus (just behind it). (and the back should be buildable, so zerg can close the expo with 2 hatcheries, and a couple of evo chambers or evo chamber + hydra den. with sunken colonies in the middle.

5) the choke should be more FEable, and Zerg should be able to close the choke with 2 hatcheries and a couple of evo chambers (or evo chamber + hydra den) including the nat hatchery. with sunken colonies in the middle (so zealots cannot run pass).

6) do you know what does magma is? magma at ashland is like water at jungle, and lava is like ruins (lava is unbuildable, like shale). what's the point of having that magma between the main choke and the ovy spot (high ground) i think it should be more like Carthage. (if you place your overlord then a lifted barrax will give the sharon boosted goliath enough vision to kill it).

7) okay, the lava (the unbuildabel tile, like ruins and shale) in the corner expos (yes, exactly where you had the original ramp) has some magma between it (the lava) and the nat choke (so if you are in the lava, and want to go to the nat, you have to use the ramp, go to the destination expo, and then use the wideee ramp, and go to the nat choke). I was asking you to open another entrance to the corner expo by extending the lava over the magma (to reach the nat choke). But leaving enough lava behind the nat to be untankable.

8) it looks like 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock multies won't be used ever. what about a hig ground with a normal sized ramp? it'll be the zerg 3rd gass (defendable with lurkers).

9) if the symetrical rush route doesn't work as planned, then start making it assymetrical, and start testing it wth a worker vs computer.
Test vision bugs, and path issues (fix all the path issues you fnd with unwalkable tiles or doodads).

10) can i pimp this map?
2)i think so..
3)like destination ? i thought about that btw ^^
4)he can put only 1/2 canons infront of it now ?
6)it was there in the original version and i didn't remove
7)i don't quite understand that one xD
8)they use them from time to time.. but i like your idea too tho ^^ (wanna keep the bridge or make it smaller if posible :( looks so cool xD)
9)how ?
10)sure testbug go ahead ^^
modified by LasTCursE
Nice map til now!
But i afraid you'll have to make the 1; 2 expos more intersting.. they are one dual expo and one mineral only.. on the other side (9 and following)
are much easier to defend and have one gas more..
therefore i would do sth so the other expos are more lucrative..
:/ i know its not well explained, but i hope you see what i mean...
modified by Gnom
my version is something like this:
Map Is cool but still way 2 large 4 my taste
why is the main so tankable ?

i like the corners+the desti expos alot :D

modified by LasTCursE
all tank holes are supposed to be unwalkable :(
i ment the high ground cliffs around the nat
yes yes yes, those are only ovy spots like the one you can find at pythin. they are oing to be unwalkable (i'll place some doodads or something)

i don't like lost temple cliffs because if you con't go lurk tech (terran will drop some tanks in the cliff and build bunker turret thing before you have mutalisk/scourges)
I like like like the middle tho :)

can you upload your version somewhere i wanna add thoose corners :)

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