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Where is Everyone?
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I got dsl internet finally, I had dial-up before, so I've been more active on the site, reading the forums and making comments, and making new maps and whatnot, I didn't look at the site at all for three or so days, today I came back and saw that there were a few posts on the forums but like just one or two new maps if that, and a couple comments on some maps, some of the comments I had made the three or so days before however were still on the list on the right side... Where is everyone? School is out, but no one seems to be very active, everyone on vacation?
2006, 07, 06 18:38
All of the old active mappers seem to have really cooled down or stopped entirely.
2006, 07, 06 20:13
I think it is natural that making SC maps and talking about it can not be a big part of your life for a long time. So we pass the torch to the newschool;)

It is true that we struggle to maintain the minumum activity for the page not to die atm. Consider the great weather though, at least in europe:)

2006, 07, 06 23:59
What!? Not everyone is entirely obsessed with sc!? And I spose the weather is fine in the US too, if bright cloudless skies and that wretched bright burning sun float your boat.

I remember that last summer, my clan sorta died as the summer started, and stayed dead after the school year started, but perhaps people will come back to bwm towards the summer's end/after it.

But it is wierd, not having flo or mosq tell me how horrible my maps are, as they seemed to be such great fans of my original maps ^_^. It seems getting one or two comments at best is amazing now, and they usually don't say more than good or bad, there are not very descriptive often.
2006, 07, 08 00:11
yea it really is a shame, but we must do our best to keep the site up and alive! :)
2006, 07, 08 01:03
its just summer and everybody is on holiday or watching the fifa world cup or go to the beach, i dont think we should expect the normal activty here, but everybody will be back once (hopefully)
2006, 07, 08 13:17
hey! I'm trying to get back you know :P
2006, 07, 10 00:27
I've just entered the Univ, so I am with you again guys =]
2006, 07, 14 20:51
I'm still a diablo freak =/. Oh well.
2006, 07, 17 18:01
im back from my holiday so i will be here lads :)
2006, 07, 22 23:47
Sorry i died for about a month, i was gone.
2006, 07, 23 02:40
Im too lazy to make new maps and because there are no new maps I stoped being here^^
2006, 07, 23 02:56
im still pumpin out decent+ maps :(
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 07, 23 05:03
Too lazy to make a new map? n00b =/ ^_^

It doesn't have to take much time if you know what the map will be like. You don't even have to perfect every part of the map, you can edit it anytime, and use the advice/comments/suggestions of ppl here; just make a semi playable map and call it beta, do a lil more another day, listen to advice, do a lil more another day
modified by Nightmarjoo
2006, 07, 23 23:36
the problem is that there arent many ppl commenting maps anymore for various reasons. So atm there isnt much to do.
2006, 07, 24 00:54
I'll make a good map and you comment it alright?

Let's get the quality back to this page!
2006, 07, 24 04:21
2006, 07, 24 13:29
lol ever the speaker sp ^_^
2006, 07, 25 09:13
i think everyone knwso what everyone is going to say already --;;.

of topic: anyone who comments a map should RATE THE MAP. PLEASE RATE MAPS.
2006, 07, 25 19:35
Even though this is the wrong thread to talk about that ^_^ I don't like rating maps, perhaps someone high up in bwm should write an article explaining how they rate maps, certainly you can look at a map and determine whether or not you like it, but there are so many things to consider, it would be hard to accurately rate a map with a generalized 1-10, and adding other categories would be a lot of unecessary work on the part of the site's admins
2006, 07, 26 05:04
rate it how you think it should be rated. why does it have to be standardized.
2006, 07, 26 07:59
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