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Im going to need some maps for a Tour going on. They will pose as a MotW during the season. We'll need to do some mandatory testing before using them. Name some maps in this thread and i will make a tournament so we can test them.. We'll need to have the testing done before the 15th. We all need to cooperate in order for this to work so please type the times u are available. At the end we can vote for the ones we feel good enough to use. gogogogo~

remember: the 15th is approx deadline.
2006, 10, 09 23:09
sorry, feel very reluctant in working with gg/ fekkers ignoring me for months now
2006, 10, 09 23:16
u could just help us test :/
2006, 10, 09 23:18
lol, my skill lvl is crap. id love to help out, but you'd help yourself more by finding more professional players.
2006, 10, 09 23:19
5pool, we aren't ignoring you! I've seen your news tips in the news tip pool, and we are just waiting for the tournament to actually start before we post about it.

I think most of the editors would rather post a wrap-up and conclusion of the tournament instead of following it along the way, that's all.
2006, 10, 10 01:16
i'll take your word for it epi. i just havnt heard anything from them :S
2006, 10, 10 08:16
Keep us posted on when the tournament will actually start and when it's finished, those are the two that are most likely to be posted.
2006, 10, 11 01:29
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