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BWMN dieing?
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I wonder if BWMN is dieing at the moment.Admins are fighting each other,very few new maps and so on. I think there need to be some changes else this site will die.

Actually I don't care if BWMN dies,I just want to know if it's dieing. ;3
2006, 10, 21 21:37
yeah it dies. please leave immediately and never come back (in order to weaken your sorrow). you did so much for us all, for everyone (except you).
2006, 10, 21 21:52
I know that it's me>all. You don't have to tell me.
2006, 10, 21 22:06
I didnt.
2006, 10, 21 22:14
It happens to be that you did.
2006, 10, 21 22:15
2006, 10, 21 22:19
bwm isn't dying. The site's main function is to serve as a map data base of all maps, as well as a haven for map makers. The admins have always had their differences.

So motw isn't what it used to be; but there always must be something bad to exist in order to tell what is good.
2006, 10, 21 23:36
@ nightmarjoo: That's a bad attempt to explain the existence of bad things :p

Everyone simply think about how he could behave nice regardless of what others do and everything is fine.

So sad humans don't do such things without a threat... :p
2006, 10, 22 00:26
no isnt dying, just these are not the best days of BWMN's life. as the oldschool ones left the site the recent admins are even more free and yeah sometimes are fighting, which is a distressing factor to the users i guess.
2006, 10, 22 00:49
I'm not good at starcraft, i don't play this game for competition so it is hard for me to give an opinion on what is bad and what is good on the maps people discuss about. I wish i was better but.. i prefer playing FPS games :P

So now u are probably all asking how i can make a map without having any knowledge of playing the game.. well this is a reason I stopped making maps (+ i couldn't find any good ideas to work with)

I love map making though, i might make an effort to make more maps :O

I don't think it's dying, but it isn't at its best right now!
2006, 10, 23 03:44
jerome, contact me if you wanna make a new CS map sometime
2006, 10, 23 10:02
I've been trying to make other maps the last 2 months but I lack of good textures and of ideas.

I'll contact you :P
2006, 10, 23 21:46
you have to send me a list with all programs needed, i lost them when i wiped the cpu
2006, 10, 24 10:55
Nope, SP, you are only allowed to pimp SC maps :p
2006, 10, 24 17:15
you havent seen our cs maps, have you? :)
2006, 10, 25 14:17
What? Admins fighting? wtf is going on? -_- Last time a checked (probably a long time ago) everything was fine.

And SP/TRCC stop playing CS :( come back to the good side!
2006, 11, 03 01:50
The admins don't fight anymore than everyone else does. Mostly it was LGI and nastymarine hating eachother, but nasty's not an admin now so the admins aren't fighting -.-
2006, 11, 03 01:56
BWMN is not dieing but it's in a very bad shape whitout some people here...
2006, 11, 03 06:38
More people should contribute to the competitions :) LGI I'd like to see you make a map for the current competition.
2006, 11, 03 21:43
I have a new map, but i won't submit it here or any other map of mine in future. Since most of the theory crafting people here are very wrong on juging maps i really don't want to read their craps on my maps.
2006, 11, 04 18:08
Your such a child, just post the map and ignore the tards
2006, 11, 04 19:53
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