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The extraordinary competition
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"If you have any suggestions for further competitions, feel free to leave a comment or write us a PM"

Or we can talk about this here and give some sugestions about future competitions just like this, but on some of our maps.

My point is to make the competitions easyer in the future, because the idea for a future competition can be supported whit a future map by someone from here. If and BWMN work toghether at this the ideas for this kind of competitions are going to be more then the normal, because won't be limited only at WGT maps. Atm they are limited as we can all see from the newspost. Which means that the ideas are limited too...

So everyone who want to take a part, feel free to comment this here. I am sure that someone from the admins from will see this topic and also give a comment about this.
2006, 10, 25 15:25
what would be cool would be a think-out-of-the-box-tourney: a tourney hold on map from BWMN - but REALLY strange maps. like, crush it and similar.
2006, 10, 25 17:47
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