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"square map?"
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ok, my last (?) idea, maybe someone will use it.

make a standard map (a quite complicated on, not something plain, symetrical) and then - MAKE it square/rectangular! you can use impasable sqaures at cliffs etc so that everwhere you have triangles, squares and rectangles

as for the playability - it would be probably the same like in the normal map, but it would look much, much cooler
and you dont have to make a simple map - because you dont start with tiles - you start in staredit and THEN change the map, maybe someone could even change an allready made map
of course I dont mean the map has to be made of squares, I mean it could have "walls" between water and terrain (something like in "bound" maps, hard to explain), like instead of a curve - a "brick curve"

what do you think about this idea?
Ive only seen "plain" fastest maps using this it, not a map which has complicated design, because the creators probably started with an empty map
2005, 08, 11 04:51
heh, I should make at least 3 maps to use my ideas but Im too lazy:
a real island map
a square map
a p12 map
and Im thinking of "copy pasting" big LT, even if it would suck ballz I would become famous ^_^
2005, 08, 11 04:52
post a pic of your idea, im sorry to say that i dont get it at all :(
2005, 08, 11 08:54

I think that should come close;) Although my map does not look good using the square tiles. Maybe you do a much better job in it.
2005, 08, 11 11:01
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