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MOTW.. Out of control
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Alright. Has any1 noticed how late we are with MOTWs? We are still only at 6 though we should be at 9 since its the start of March. Now i propose we should just skip 7 8 9 and get right into 10 just so we can keep it consecutive. And is it even possible to do that?

I know we all can blame it on active admins (me nitemjoo) for just not settling each competition and making the newspost. And you could also blame it on the fact that we havent been able to test. but i feel we are putting this off way too much. I really think we should consider MOTM. This way we can have ample enough time to test. And using MOTM, I would not limit other maps on newsposts. We could have honorable mentioned etc here and them at

I bring this up not only that we are late with MOTWs but arent we always looking to get extremely good quality out of our site? And i feel this is what MOTM will do.
2007, 03, 08 05:22
i agree

well, we should point someone of the admin group to be responsible for the motw or motm. a while ago flothefreak, then nightmarjoo did this job, but the recent situation is chaotic.
modified by Antares
2007, 03, 08 14:06
yep, i also think that we should do a map of the month - there arent too many active ;/
mayb a motm + best runner up
2007, 03, 08 19:01
lol guys I had no internet for like two weeks, it's Nasty's fault!
We can make the current MOTW, 6, for three weeks. The maps with the three highest votes will be chosen, obviously this means we'll need to use the older system, name three votes in a comment, feel free to use the poll too.

..or we could do map of the fuck, or map of the month. I prefer doing 3 MOTWs :)
2007, 03, 08 21:26
Alright after this month is over we switch over to Map of the Month with one Honorable Mention and if need be, mention others if the votes were really tight. Does that sound fair?

Its not like we arent holding other comps too. Reverse Your Map and Pimp Classic maps are also great ones. And im sure we'll think of others along the way.
2007, 03, 10 08:15
sounds fine for me - if it doesnt work out we could switch to another mode (e.g. MOTF)
2007, 03, 10 11:06
MOTF sounds awesome... it has that spicy varience, like you never know when a new winner will appear, you just know it'll eventually happen.

Just a thought: What if we all elected one person to select the winner of MOTF? This person would have the responsibility of attempting to play all of the maps and judging them as best as he could. I know it's a monarchy, but it's voted so it's kinda interesting. Basically what I'm saying, is that one person hosts a contest with no particular rules, and then decides which maps he or she likes the most. This person will hopefully have support of the community, and will be able to find people willing play with him or her, or at least submit replays for his or her viewing. Basically the whole idea of this is to speed up selection, get newsposts up there, etc.

I'll start a contest with this now, with myself as the judge. If you have a problem with this, or with me using MOTF as the name, say so, and I will remove the contest. I am totally willing to resign position to anyone voted in by majority.
2007, 03, 10 17:21
is this seperate from motw?
2007, 03, 10 18:58
It is right now. Anything's possible in the future.
2007, 03, 10 20:28
since there's a low turnout for the motw6 thing, which I thought we were gonna pick 3 maps from, I think we'll have to use information from the voting for your comp for use of picking maps for the 3 motws. ie, nasty's map will most likely win motw from motw6 comp, maybe another will come close and that'll be another motw, and then we'll look at the map that got the most votes from yours, or 2nd most since the one with most would be the winner of yours, unless you don't pick that one as winner; obviously this isn't perfected yet we'll work it out as we go along :)
2007, 03, 12 05:18
hmm... another idea would be a bracket-like voting
2007, 03, 12 14:26
Ahhh, that would be a cool idea :) One map vs another would get superior results IMO .... OOO AND WE COULD HAVE A LOSERS BRACKET TOO :D Good idea LT.
2007, 03, 12 21:15
2007, 03, 12 22:29
Where is the micro and the macro and the hippin and the hoppin and the bippin and the boppin?
2007, 03, 13 11:52
over there
2007, 03, 13 22:17
Okay i just want to move onto MOTM. We still havent gotten to MOTW 8 and we are almost into april. Let us just move on so we can find the proper testing for our maps.
2007, 03, 28 02:07
wtf is MOTF?
2007, 03, 28 14:15
map of the fuck
2007, 03, 28 18:32
Can somebody please ask Nightmarjoo to either select a winer for the "Spells on Map" contest or to cancel the contest altogether? Thanks.
2007, 03, 28 19:19
Can somebody please teach Lancet how to read? "er I didn't make this =/" (Nightmarjoo, Spells in maps competition). Thanks.

I'm not ending it as it's not my comp, I'm not declaring a winner for good reasons.
2007, 03, 29 00:45
OK, my bad, I apologize, for some reason I got the impression it was you. Who is in charge of this competition?
2007, 03, 29 01:47
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