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Avaton Tournament #5
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This was a nice tournament ;)

I still can't believe that none of the crew care about the tournament and did not make a newspost...

Now i see that the tournament is deleted, but as far as i know they were only two guys that confirm and the brackets were seeding...
2007, 04, 07 12:30
ye you are right, i missed also the newspost about the winner - if they report about the tournament they should also report about the outcome
2007, 04, 07 14:51
this is mostly my fault. before the tournaments are done i leave for work. when i get home i got to sleep and wake up only to go back to work. we will be venturing back to it very soon. I've been very busy lately.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 07 21:43
I didn't even know there was an Avaton 5 oO
2007, 04, 07 21:51
ah ok
nightmarjoo, there was, it was a 2on2 tourney
very sad that only two replays for avatar were uploaded :(
2007, 04, 08 00:13
lol what happened to the time when pro players played on our maps? eh that was back when the first and second map pack was released. Maybe we should do another :O I know people were talking about it sometime...
2007, 04, 08 01:37
We need a few more solid semi-balanced maps in the database (fresh maps) before we can put together another map pack.
2007, 04, 08 02:21
I think ima make a competition for maps for a new map pack, that way it'll be nice an organized.
2007, 04, 08 02:24
Seems logical... But make the deadline relatively far off to give us ample time to assemble a good quality pack
2007, 04, 08 02:28
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