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Change tileset!
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Cant we try changing tileset on the page, to desert or jungle perhaps? :)

This blue is beginning to be so depressing <3
2005, 08, 20 16:07
It would be Tar main BG, List = high dirt and typing window = low dirt
All look good with white text, i checked.

Listoric gogo get home and start :)
2005, 08, 20 16:09
hahaah yeah would make the site more hot :D
2005, 08, 21 22:20
hotter ?
2005, 08, 21 22:20
nahh, Won't be changed yet. teamliquid looks the same for 4 years now...
2005, 08, 22 22:24
I don't care for teamliquids page design really ;)

i will try to do my best as soon as i get home. as starparty already said, it should be easy to have like 4 different folders with the used graphics and just rename them or overwrite the existing files to change the look of the page in a second.

but i won't be at home before ~8. september. till then you have to "live with" this neat blue design :)

i think about creating a desert, jungle and snow version, just for fun, and i already have ideas to completely change the design of the page while keeping the old style as well, ah, if i get it right, it looks great, well... we will see ;)
2005, 08, 22 23:28
well at least the css file would have to be changed too. white on white would not be as easy to read:D
2005, 08, 23 01:24
already thougt about that.

It would be Snow (or perhaps ice) as main BG, headline List = high dirt
and typing window = low dirt
2005, 08, 23 12:59
change headline list to 'grass'

high and low dirt looks the same.
2005, 08, 23 13:01
it would be best if you could change inte urself, but maybe that will be too much work.
2005, 08, 23 13:23
vad menar du? :P
2005, 08, 23 16:28
maybe he means customzed layout. Well it is probably even doable, but not good for corporate identity :D
2005, 08, 23 17:02
Hehe, but would be a nice gimmick, like 4 tileset buttons, as small as they are for the maps, to choose they design from ;)

anyway, you already could cut the pieces out Starparty if you have staredit or somewhat at home, i don't, that's why i can't start doing things yet.
2005, 08, 23 20:03
You will have acces to staredit sooner than me. And when cutting out the tiles, use starforge and paint the terrain with tiles instead. Then you'll garanteed get images that fit with eachother.
2005, 08, 23 21:31
Listoric. Also dont forget to make new banners with better quality. perhaps add a bit designing too, but definitely make better quality :o

Also if you make new banner and menus, make them "everlasting" so that we can change tileset in the background, but keep the menu and the banners as they are without mixing tilesets. I dont have any ideas for design, but i bet you have :)

(Make metal design ;D)
2005, 08, 23 22:06
Perhaps there could be a script changing the images every day ;) so every monday its snow, every tuesday jungle etc lol :DDDD
2005, 08, 23 22:07
I will not sacrife the interests of slow connection users like myself to such fancy stuff sorry :(

Well, right now we have enough stuff to do. We can think about design changes when there is nothing else going on imo.
2005, 08, 24 00:12
I already thought about the Terran look ingame (with this metal things holding these dark glas info tables) as a design for this page and already draw some banners with that style in paint and onto a paper, looks good there ^^ that's why i need to get home to my computer to install GIMPshop and blender to be able to create good looking graphics with better quality.

anyway, i will do an overall update to the design of the page, banners and everything, as soon as i get to it and i will speak with you panschk about it when it's done to fit your low bandwidth wishes.

Imo, there should be no problem using some graphics to the page as long as they aren't too much. Every user has a loading time to a website, and if it is under 7 seconds to load a page the first time, it's nice imo.
2005, 08, 24 12:08
Well, it's more like 30 secounds though:(
2005, 08, 24 12:16
Now? it's 30 seconds?

Hmm... well, i don't want to argue about caring about 56kers but the first time you load a page, you want to see what the page really looks like and what it is about, so you stay tuned. And then, the next times you come, the loading time is way shorter, so for me, there isn't a problem at all. And i would guess that DSL is almost standard right now, at least ISDN. If you surf with a 56 k modem to a page where you can watch pictures of maps and stuff, you will be aware of the loading time and it won't matter that much again. Don't you think so?

I don't want to make a page with an enourmeous loading time like some other pages on the net, can't stand that myself, but some nice graphics have to be on the site to make it look more professional.
2005, 08, 24 12:30
i load this page in 5 seconds on a 56 k modem, and the site works perfectly. The graphics comes in 10 seconds later, but you dont need them to do the basic navigation. it really is VERY smooth loadingtime so you wont have to worry about that for now :P
2005, 08, 25 14:33
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