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Anyone willing to play some games with me?
Noone replies to my messages and you don't find decent players on b-net so...
I'm desade@europe but you have to msg me here first then I come online.
modified by DeSade
2007, 05, 08 14:49
No decent players? Ever tried op Ger-A or op ToT)? The problem would be to find decent players that are willing to test maps, though :p
2007, 05, 08 16:41
dont say "test map"
always say "play a new/fresh map"
2007, 05, 08 17:18
thx for comments.
But the point is there are enough members on this site (mostly good players I presume). Why don't you want to play with me? Don't know if you play each other often but don't we share the same interest?? testing maps???
2007, 05, 08 18:47
well it's finals time for school, so people are busy =/

Also, most members here don't play sc and/or are bad at it^^
2007, 05, 08 21:08
Ok that's what I wanted to know thx.
If somebody wants to play though msg me plz.
I'm solid 160 apm Terran but I play all races for testing. :)
2007, 05, 08 22:59
Hey, take that back! :p
2007, 05, 08 22:59
msg me on europe i am o(x_x)o anytime i will test any new map you come up with because i simply enjoy playing new maps whereas people on bnet only play lt and luna. i would need you to test my map aswell 8)

2007, 05, 09 01:23
2007, 05, 09 13:41
if I'm online I'm also available for testing new maps, i love it;-)
bg-voland-bg on bnet.

Should we just have our own channel, so people who are online can more easily communicate?
2007, 05, 10 23:27
i usually hang out in "OP BWMN" which was the name of the channel when we gave a channel a try.

but mostly, those who are still playing, are in their homechannels/clanchannels. so it'd be better to stick to the f-list :)

you can find me as "flothefreak" on europe, for example.
2007, 05, 10 23:44
yeah, as soon as i figure out my fight with buttons and wine emulation :>
2007, 05, 10 23:46
i used to be good... 6 years ago. i just came back a few months ago and now i play for fun :)

i've been a little extra busy the past week and a bit but i'm always up for testing too, i've got a few maps of my own i'd like to test as well.

Alumni @ US East, US West, Europe
modified by Alumni
2007, 05, 11 05:52
me as mj.radix, euro aswell
2007, 05, 11 17:11
ima be in a new team now so idk my name yet... Nightmarjoo[BA] east/europe/asia, and sometimes on west too ;)
2007, 05, 11 21:23
For testing, anytime after 3 pm EST (22 CET?) should be good for me on any day, my aim is The64man, msn is I doubt I'll be active on bnet at all lately, so either through bwm or aim/msn would be the best way to grab me for some games. btw my current west name is icafe.Alexandra
2007, 05, 19 02:06
bogmonster on us east or go to channel dominate, good group there. open to new maps, not experimental stuff though.
2007, 05, 19 05:18
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