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# of minerals at main
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Not sure if this is the right section to post this, and if it isn't, please accept my apologies.

How do the number of mineral fields at the main base affect game balance between the different races? As in, does a higher number of fields give terran an advantage or protoss? And to what degree?

2007, 05, 20 04:17
8 to 9 is standard. Some have 10 though one OR two are 500 or 250.

It affects macro efficiency diffrence of Z all three races. The less you have, the more pro-zerg it is. the more you have, the more pro-protoss it is.
2007, 05, 20 04:19
I usually prefer 9 blocks, as zerg that means I can get 9 drones mining all at once whereas protoss or terran's standard builds are more efficient and they don't have a block of time where all blocks could be mined lol.

idk seems to me that more blocks might favour terran not protoss.

Well when you add 1 block of minerals, you add the ability for 2 more workers to be helpfull. Zerg probably isn't going to change their drone count at all to compensate, but protoss or terran who have the extra workers anyway just get extra minerals. As for protoss or terran, idk exactly how much having fewer or more helps, terran units seem to be more costly than protoss units, because of the time it takes for them to build, so I would imagine having more blocks would help terran not protoss, but I am not sure here...
But I am pretty sure that having lower amounts of minerals favours terran over protoss, so maybe then higher amounts helps protoss more, idk :( And fewer minerals doesn't necessarily help zerg, it just means they come closer to being efficient, not necessarily helping them in any other way...
2007, 05, 20 06:53
More minerals helps protoss in general. Zerg usually can't afford those larvas to really use more minerals; or else they will be overrun due to a lack of units.

Protoss usually needs less gas than terran, you can pump quite some goons from a single gas node. So usually more minerals help p in pvt, but it's not as significant as in zvt / zvp
2007, 05, 20 10:58
from the gameplay mechanics, more minblocks help protoss/terran because of the non-stop-worker-pump. the later the game goes, the more income they have. that is why i gave 10 minblocks to (2)Dreamcatcher - the map is quite open and the 2nd expo hard to secure, so the immobile races get a little boost from the main (concerning MUs with zerg).

in PvT however, you cant really say whom it favors. both get a huge minboost, which means many vultures and turrets for terran but also many zeals and goons for protoss. i guess in early to midgame it favors protoss some more due to the massive unitcount early on to pressure terran, but towards the lategame, masses of turrets and vultures will slightly move the edge to terran because T can slow protoss down some more.
2007, 05, 20 11:39
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