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anyone know what happened to it? I have only learned its outta business for good.
2007, 06, 07 01:06
i hope your kidding... where did you hear this??
2007, 06, 07 02:28
Yep, it is dead.

There is a very small chance that it will be revived by other people (not Moose/IP), but it would be quite the miracle considering how IP pretty much disappeared...
Even if it was revived, the whole database would be gone.

Go to, many SENners have gathered there, especially the "outstanding" ones. There also are the topics about SEN's death.
2007, 06, 07 13:13

btw, i cant access does anyone have this problem?
2007, 06, 08 01:58
site's down now goes to a page that says "BRB :)"
2007, 06, 08 04:23
It's down from a long time...

Btw i have a feeling that maplantis still exist somewhere on another host IP... They've had a newspost but i was too lazy to read it...

So sad... They've just make many new features on their map section and they've almost made a comment area and BOOM... Now we can't find them.

Anyway try, might help ;) .
2007, 06, 08 08:08
i googled it. is still up and running but only by the IP number.
2007, 06, 08 09:34
That's some issue because of the server move or something like that; not intended to be like that forever ;)

Maplantis' IP:
2007, 06, 08 10:24
I knew it! GJ everyone.
2007, 06, 08 10:57
Good Job? I have had access to Maplantis all the time ;)
2007, 06, 08 17:55
I tried to wont send me my validation.
2007, 06, 09 18:54
Try hitting "resend validation mail".

If it still does not work, tell us again and I will contact Tau to validate your account manually (of course I need to know your account name then ;) )
2007, 06, 10 17:42
Yea I tried that 3 times...please get Tau
2007, 06, 10 21:28
Is your account "Deathman101" over there as well?
I'll PM Tau now, no matter the answer on the previous question :p
2007, 06, 10 21:33
Yea spine it is...
2007, 06, 10 22:17
Yeah I was trying to sign in on Maplantis, and it won't recognize my password and none of the email features for password recollection seem to be working, but w/e, bwm ftw :)
2007, 06, 11 08:01
Deathman101, your account should be working now.

Tau said that this was an issue ever since the server move; he is working on it.
2007, 06, 11 09:42
2007, 06, 11 22:12
i had similar problem when i tried to register to maplantis, nice story :)

when it got to public i visited sometimes and intended to register, because i found it nice. i didnt get validation email somehow, but i didnt care so much about it and there were other thing needed to think about, so nearly forgot this maplantis case.

some weeks later when i realized i had registered once, but didnt get even an email, i tried to manually resend the activation email, BUT i forget the pw, so i was unable to do so. to retrieve my pw manually i need to be activated, evidently i was unable to do it too :D

now i am a registered user, appearing on the list, but i CANT login yet i have 3 attempts left :D
modified by Antares
2007, 06, 15 12:47
2007, 06, 15 13:09
2007, 06, 15 19:54
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