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What the deuce?
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What the deuce is goin on? I cant upload my new map.
2007, 06, 10 22:23
Are you sure your map ends with (n). Also the picture shouldn't be so big. Have you any special letters?
2007, 06, 10 22:30
nope...just my typical map. It will dislay it was added but yet it wasnt...

Map name: (2)Serpentine(n)
Image name: (2)serpent
2007, 06, 10 23:44
Why does it say you can't upload it. Other maps have been uploaded since you posted this, so it must be your fault.
2007, 06, 11 08:00
it doesnt say i cant upload it. It says it is uploaded but wasnt.
2007, 06, 11 22:13
make sure pic isn't too big, make sure it's jpg <200 kb or so
2007, 06, 11 22:23
I ntoiced the pic was big...however I tried it without it with the same result.
2007, 06, 11 22:43
then something's wrong with the map sounds like, or you're ommiting a piece of information necessary to the upload.
2007, 06, 12 00:25
How would I fix this?
2007, 06, 12 00:47
beats me; if you want, email me the map and I'll upload it.

tell me if you do though, I never check my email^^
2007, 06, 12 00:52
I am gonna...
2007, 06, 12 01:37
I have yet to recieve any email.
2007, 06, 12 02:09
I can imagine how every new guy here flood the forum like that... I think that there should be a FAQ or something, not only articles... Or maybe some of you guys like Nighmarjoo or NastyMarine or any other more skilled mapper here can contact this guy via ICQ, MSN or something to answer all his questions.
2007, 06, 12 07:54
i tried that. he said that he wont let us talk to him there :D He said family only or something :/
2007, 06, 12 08:17
Yea sorry I know ive flooded forum and im deleting my shittiest maps now.
2007, 06, 12 10:51
Nightmarjoo, nvm...i sent it but I have fixed it now. I think the file was corrupt. I saved it as a different name and it worked.
2007, 06, 12 11:25
admin please delete this.
2007, 06, 12 23:37
My two last maps got a picture with more than 500kb and I saw that when I upload a map without a picture and I immediatly do an update, picture can be uploaded... Strange =/
2007, 06, 14 18:49
I have found my maps will be accepted even tho they are usually about 50kb over the limit.
2007, 06, 14 19:16
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