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I'm back?
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Okay, maybe it's just a fluke, and I'll disappear tomorrow again. But right now I feel like I could waste some time playing 2-3 SC games a week and just visiting this site regulary instead of checking for NBA trades and roumors 2 hours a day:D I'm impressed that there are still very fine new maps posted here. If we do some weekly meeting, I'll try to attend to play those maps.

To me it looks like there is no big need to do any more programming to this site, as you seem to come along quite well with all the bugs;)
But when SC2 is coming, we should consider making a new site about mapping for sc2.

So I ask a simple question that noone can answer, but maybe your educated guesses are not too bad:
When will SC2 beta and SC2 retail be released? Would be useless to start with any serious discussion about that before SC2 beta is close to being released.
2007, 07, 02 23:45
Welcome back! You only have to visit op teambwmn and play some games on these maps.SC2 will be playable at blizzcon. I think you can download it after it's finished. I'm looking forward to it, but i think i will make some bw maps too.
modified by ptar
2007, 07, 02 23:52
Well, you sould make it so that we can edit article/contest comments. Or at least add an option with similar effect to the admin panel (especially "delete comment", to fix stuff like what flo recently did to that UBC contest)
2007, 07, 03 00:08
Are you an admin too? I think everybody is an admin exept me and deathman. But it would be a cool feature. You should add sth like you did with Nightmarjoo's post in the MOTM thread.
2007, 07, 03 00:14
Nah, I'm no admin too.
2007, 07, 03 00:45
"Are you an admin too? I think everybody is an admin exept me and deathman" LOL It does seem like that doesn't it^^
The admins pretty much are the most active people. The exceptions are Lao-Artanis, to whom I gave admin access for the ggsl thing, and lnept, who I have no idea how/where he got his admin power from. Well and the old admins who are no longer active :)

"You should add sth like you did with Nightmarjoo's post in the MOTM thread" What?

And welcome back Panshck, for a day or however long you stay^^
2007, 07, 03 04:34
already talked to ya earlier :) But im happy you want to become active! <3
2007, 07, 03 04:37
concerning the "weekly-meeting" thing. How about monday night at 11PM european time? That's 4PM in Chicago and 5PM in New York. Or we do it in the late night for the US boyz, and I get up early;)
2007, 07, 03 09:25
11pm monday would be sweet as this is the only evening of the week which is free for me :>

welcome back(?)!
modified by flothefreak
2007, 07, 03 11:56
:) Nightmarjoo, you fucked up the old Motm thread with your smilies. Panschk, or someone else removed it. That's what i meant. 11pm on Monday is great. Do we meet in op teambwmn?
modified by ptar
2007, 07, 03 12:18
yeah, lets do that. (op teamBWMN on europe)

I think I will still use my Panschk[FP] account though, as I still have some ppl who are active in BW on my friendlist.

/f a panschk[fp]
who else?
2007, 07, 03 13:37
/f a flothefreak
2007, 07, 03 14:14
/f a nastymarine
2007, 07, 03 14:58
/f a ptar
2007, 07, 03 15:10
/f r nastymarine
2007, 07, 03 15:31
/f r ptar
2007, 07, 03 15:32
2007, 07, 03 15:32
2007, 07, 03 15:43
2007, 07, 03 15:53
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