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Broodwarai Competition
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Pls read this thread:

They are starting a competition, where normal guys play against there AI's. They aren't sure about the maps they will use and asked if they could take some of our maps. I added my maps already and wanted to ask you, if you agree. Can they use your maps? They can't take maps with neutral buildings, spells, mineral blocks and fucked up pathing. I think this is a nice idea and i'm looking forward to it.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 07, 08 17:31
sure, publishing our maps is the only thing we want here
2007, 07, 08 19:31
My HDD crash, i hope they restore it, couse all my maps are there and they aren't anywhere in the internet, so if someone have my map (2)Entheogenic, plz post it in this competition - i let them use it.
2007, 07, 08 20:31
I think Nightmarjoo got alot of your maps. Maybe he can add it, or sent it to me, so i can add it.
2007, 07, 08 20:59
"They can't take maps with neutral buildings, spells, mineral blocks and fucked up pathing"

Well there you have it. We can't use any bwm maps because you guys all make fucked pathing.

LGI, I have Entheogenic, want me to upload it here temporarily? I'll pm you the password if you want me to upload it, so you can delete it after they're done using it if you for some reason still want all your maps off the database.

If I ever get around to finishing my database sweep for the iM thing, I'll have a nice list to reccomend :)
2007, 07, 08 21:25
The maps should really not be too fancy. I think maps like Satterchasm or hokus peakus would be good. Good-looking, well playable standard maps.
2007, 07, 09 15:09
I saw a public game on east on hokus peakus yesterday, I didn't join though, "1v1 hocus noobs"^^
2007, 07, 09 21:42
Joel that was a free win on an oldschool map and you don't play it?
2007, 07, 09 22:15
2007, 07, 09 22:20
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