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Last update for (4)Abyss_Temple : 2007, 10, 26 09:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2056 (4)Abyss_Temple 128*128Not Available0.1league

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Uploaded it cause i thought it was really interesting version of LT. 12 is now Zerg friendly. The whole map is somehow alot different like this. It has more of a gaia shape now.

Bad gas.
12's passage is really tight tight tight! And in general its tighter than normal correct?
lone mineral blocks on islands? wtf!?

Orignal name was: Abyss RA_Temple

Had to edit it so the site could accept it. And i dont know who created/edited it.
modified by NastyMarine
why did you upload this trash? It's still got horrible pos imba, gas issue for god's sake -_-
we called it hun temple on our website :)
this was done by some member there 4 years ago hehe

but that map's 12 area was much better, this is fucked up with the tight path, also the main could be reduced
modified by Antares
This map has a very weird protection, one of the few I wasn't able to unprotect yet ;) Just so that you know: unprotecting maps helps my understanding of the .chk file format, which is necessary for my editor. I don't release unprotected versions to the public ;)

Anyways, I have played this map once, and it felt really bad right from the start. The author (someone from some clan) claims to "bring the best balance", but imo this map barely reaches the level of blizz lt.

What's really shocking is the mineral numbers: This map suddenly uses the luna-mineral count on an lt-style map. Those are not made for each other. LT is too tight for that amount of minerals.
I also guess that there is a dropspot top of purple's main, haven't verified it though. There might be some more.

The whole change-of-directions idea is not suitable for lt. If you want equal base layout with lt gameplay, use Arena.

Also, gas effect and tight, long entrances.

If LT2.4 gets 10 points, this gets 2 imo. With all the experience on LT we have accumulated, something like this is a really weak try.
yea I was playing on Abyss and i thought this was reversed lost temple lmao, so i get into game vs this korean and im like wtf...high ground main. then i think its normal lt. (TvT MU btw) so i go to take 4 gas really quick at the other main and i have no fucking clue whats going on. i finally find the expos. get 8 facotires and do a doom drop in his main and win. never playing that gay map again lol.
I don't think there is any solution to correcting imbalances in classic maps. LT has been blizzards best try at making a map so it was the cats pajamas back when it all started. It is hard to change something everybody has been using for so long. (With the exception of the Spork. That was a true step forward.)
Whooooo, bumping old shitty maps! Allstar4 ftw!
isn't this the lost shrine by bill307?
"Whooooo, bumping old shitty maps! Allstar4 ftw!"

Who cares? There is a list of the 10 most recent maps, and there is a list of the 5 newest maps. If I want to talk about an old one then why can't I. If I went on a rampage and unburied 10 old maps, then I'd understand. If you don't want me posting on old maps get rid of the random map feature, because I actually like to look at those.

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