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Greetings to Everyone
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Hello, I'm korean mapper in
I also play on My ID in mapdori is '허혁재' and it is my name. it will be called in english 'Heo Hyeok Jae'. too difficult name? :)

I have uploaded my maps, but i haven't known about this forum :( so I can't have communication with you except my maps's comments :)

My english grammar will be very poor, but i will get good grammars as i have communication with you.

I hope we will become good friends. thanks :)

ps. is it supposed that i write this article here? if it were not supossed, someone move this article from this to element place.
2007, 07, 31 05:27
Greetings, mapghost! i am pretty new here myself, but i think your post is in the right area ^-^. i am looking forward to viewing some of your maps.
2007, 07, 31 07:14
Hey welcome, it's always good to have some koreans hanging around here :) The post can stay where it is. Anyway, i've got two questions:
1. What happened to the mapdori database
2. What happened to
Would be great if you could answer these question, cuz nobody knows something about it. Welcome @ BWMN!!!
2007, 07, 31 10:38
Mapdori is fine what're you talking about ptar.

Hi mapghost. It would be nice if you could tell us about korean mapping concepts, because there seem to be definite differences in mapping styles from korean maps and non-korean maps.
Arguably a lot of korean maps are made 'for a design' and not necessarily for balanced gameplay.
We've had a lot of korean mappers here at bwm, but most of them have been shy about talking, probably from the language barrier, so it will be nice to talk to you :)
Also, if I ever say anything you can't understand, just ask for clarification and I'll explain it. I have a bad habit of writing more than people want to read, ie too much =/
2007, 07, 31 22:09
Mapdori's databse was cleaned up or something like that. There were over 300 sites full of maps and now 3 and a half. :/
2007, 07, 31 22:44

modified by HuB
2007, 08, 01 03:26
mapdori database has too many article. so bbs system hid them. so you can see past article to click '계속 검색' at the bottom of the database bbs. is closed because we don't gave money to server manager :( so you can come to ''

because they are young student(13~18), so they can't speak english a lot :( me too. btw, already you said, we can exchange our style each other.
modified by Mapghost
2007, 08, 01 03:38
I'm Korean, too.
I play on '' My ID in mapdori is 'Herb'
I don't know English. :(
but, I hope we will become good friends.
2007, 08, 01 03:50
xd herb XD
2007, 08, 01 05:10
"I don't know English"

Oh the irony! :p Well, English is a simple language, and you can get pretty good at it through games and the internet (take me as an example ;) ).
2007, 08, 03 13:21
no, dont take spinesheath as example!

modified by flothefreak
2007, 08, 03 14:14
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