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Neutral Unit - Mine
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Is it possible to have as a neutral unit a mine? Just like neutral buildings?
That way you can place it in nat so players will need detection to expand there.
Zerg have an easier time expanding, protoss can do so with cannon, but not an optimal fast expa and terran have the most trouble waiting for either turrets, scan or firebats/siege tanks.
2007, 09, 03 16:33
Same as DT, but walkable. Should be possible.
2007, 09, 03 17:17
great idea :)) But I think that mines are visible ingame...
2007, 09, 03 20:05
lol radix, you ever played pvt before, instead of tvp?^^
2007, 09, 04 03:27
He means neutral mines. I think they get visible too because when a player leaves the game his mines get visible. Dunno if that's the same with DTs but I guess it is not.
2007, 09, 04 16:34
2007, 09, 05 04:17
rofl marjoo 8D. I've played bw for 4 years, I'm not that stupid -_-
2007, 09, 07 21:32
wait, terrans do see their mines?
2007, 09, 08 10:33
Yes! I know, completely imbalanced!
modified by ScoutWBF
2007, 09, 08 12:16
No they don't! If you go sprites>unit sprites>terran>special>vulture spider mine (with player on 12-neutral)then those mines will be visible for a short time at the begining but then they will burrow and become invisible whether you are terran or not, try it.
2007, 09, 08 15:29
which makes perfectly sense as neutral DTs arent visible as well
2007, 09, 08 15:39
great, go and use it then!
2007, 09, 08 16:45
They are already used in the map "Dungeon".
2007, 09, 08 17:56
and who is the author of Dungeon?
I had hoped i was the first with an idea, though this topic was posted before the last update of the map.

edit: i'm Yakkul, sorry about double account but i don't remember the passwords for each account, and one is at work and the other on at home.
modified by PePe_QuiCoSE
2007, 09, 09 01:49
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