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More on neutral units
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Just another idea that someone might make good use of it.
Having a flying unit over a mineral block (like, 2 overlords) so you will have to first kill the aerial unit before you can mine that path and get out of the way. That's a way to delay even further expos or certain routes, until they have troops there.
Guess they'd work better on island expos since terran get marines just in the beginning of the game, while P and Z have to wait for goon/sair hydra/muta.
2007, 09, 20 16:08
flying units tend to hover a bit. do neutrals do this as well? maybe you can also avoid the trick with gather-command near block...dunno
2007, 09, 20 16:24
How many mineral blocks would you intend this to cover? That could be a large mass of flying units. But it's a new idea.
2007, 09, 21 01:50
lol well this would give t a clear advantage.
2007, 09, 21 03:46
only 1 block to be covered.
2007, 09, 21 15:45
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