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I have problem with password when i type it it says that its wrong.
I remember of password i typed when i was uploading map.
Did any1 have same problem?
2005, 08, 31 07:17
its ok now it just works now lol.
2005, 08, 31 07:19
the system is case sensitive. make sure you dont have capslock on
2005, 08, 31 08:20
yeah, and it fucks up sometime. I still don't know what to do about it. I had never any problems with Firefox, but with IE I experienced problems with this myself. After rebooting it worked most of the time...
2005, 08, 31 11:55
Yea, for me, it works on FireFox but not IE. When I put the right password, it says "wrong password" but if I input the wrong password, it would say "wrong PW" instead.
2005, 09, 03 07:48
ie works fine for me. firefox is a drag :P
2005, 09, 03 09:29
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