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see? i can do banners as gay as starparty's ;)

well, after reading the "KotH signups" thread, i found too many people was interested on making maps (but they don't make the maps by their own and the database is still the same...)
so i decided to make my own competition :D
tell me if all this members are interested:

2008, 04, 21 04:02
need more players
2008, 04, 21 05:46
the members on the list are the guys from the "KotH signups" thread, but maybe ptar, and the new mappers will like QUEAsY, jamssi, illisid, .Zeratul., diggurd, SpoR, SiaBBo.
i don't know.

Queasy is active at least ;)
2008, 04, 21 05:52
What is this exactly? A map making competition?
2008, 04, 21 05:54
2008, 04, 21 05:57
Sounds like fun! I'm not really an experienced mapper but could be interesting! :D
2008, 04, 21 05:57
good idea :)
sign me up!
2008, 04, 21 13:32
2008, 04, 21 14:00
Me too. I signed up in the Koth thread :) Gonna bash you all xD
2008, 04, 21 14:50
no ptar, you are not in the Koth list.
okay, then i'll start the competition with Crackling, Nightmarjoo, Quesay, LostTampon and ptar. i'll ask the others via pm
2008, 04, 21 16:19
I thought you were going to make me a judge :(
2008, 04, 21 17:33
i invited 4 more people, so it'll be a total of nine, in case the 9 members wants to participate, then nightmarjoo, you can judge the maps with me and starparty, i don't know.
but for now, we need the higher amount of members okay?
2008, 04, 21 17:59
Lol, sure i signed up, but starparty modified my post :)
2008, 04, 21 18:01
yes ofcourse i wanna be a part of this just look at the banner^^

i hope this league will be based on:
(and not to creat something 100% new with 54 neutral buildings and sprites all over the place)

i hope we'll get at least 16 ppl
2008, 04, 21 18:25
flothefreak grief_stricken lml are some other choices you could invite.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2008, 04, 21 22:25
I want a concrete explanation on how rounds are judged before I agree to participation. By vote? By a panel? By you? What?

"i hope this league will be based on:
(and not to creat something 100% new with 54 neutral buildings and sprites all over the place)"

Suck my dick. If that's what it's based on, I'm not playing.
2008, 04, 21 22:41
I'm in! Tremble in fear! :D
2008, 04, 21 23:09
wut is decorashun
2008, 04, 21 23:14
hahahaha PT
i hope the judgement will be based on mapnames
2008, 04, 21 23:35
Why does Testbug have such trouble typing my name? XP
2008, 04, 22 06:57
okay, we have 8 people! the 1st TSL can start now!
the other members who didn't notice the TSL thread may be inactive, i asked Nightmarjoo, Starparty, spinesheath, and Nasty Marine to help judging.
(i guess Crackling and Nightmarjoo can test the maps) i'll list the members alphabetically:

if some1's missing, Nightmarjoo will repleace him cuz he wanted to participate, but i had to take an admin decition (Nightmarjoo will be better ad judging than mapping :D)
i'll have the brackets for these weak! prepare your ideas (start drawing 2, 3 and 4 player maps)

since players will be randomly ordered in brackets, remember that ScoutWBF's stage will be island maps xD so prepare an island map in the case you have to face him! :P

okay this will be the format:
A1 vs A2 = AW and AL (A winner and A loser)
B1 vs B2 = Bw and BL (B winner and B loser)
C1 vs C2 = CW and CL (C winner and C loser)
D1 vs D2 = DW and DL (D winner and D loser)

AW, Bw, CW and DW gualify
AL, BL, CL and DL goes to the graveyard :D
but can still fight for a rebirth like YellOw did at WCG 2001:

example of semifinals:
AW vs BW = AWW(qualify) and BWL(go to grave)
CW vs DW = CWW(qualify) and DWL(fo to grave)
AL vs BL = ALW(remain at grave) and BLL(eliminated)
CL vs DL = CLW(remain at grave) and DLL(eliminated)

then BWL and DWL goes to the graveyard to face ALW and CLW! :D while AWW faces CWW to determinate who's the man,
the battle at graveyard can be:
------for example-------
BWL vs ALW = BWLW(stay at your grave) and ALWL(eliminated)
DWL vs CLW = DWLW(stay at your grave) and CLWL (eliminated)

Graveyard champion: BWLW vs DWLW
BWLWW is the graveyard champ.


it'll be AWWW (he is the man)
and CWWL (he goes to graveyard to battle the graveyard champion)
so maybe the graveyard champion can beat him, or maybe CWWL can win the "graveyard champion title"

maybe AWW (the man) can face the graveyard champion ad the end :D

and if the graveyard champion wins! then he'll bring darkenss! and we'll leave in a world of pain!

YAY! i should make motms :D
modified by Testbug
2008, 04, 22 07:30
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