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Why were my admin powers revoked? I know I'm not terribly active, but I still contribute when I have something :P
2008, 08, 05 01:46
we are so sorry Chef.
all admin poweres were removed when the site got hacked. you were absent by those days right?
modified by Testbug
2008, 08, 05 03:24
There's like four admins now, I think, instead of 34509345.

What do you need admin power for? I can readd you.
2008, 08, 05 15:12
Only people who are known to at least post newspost should be admins in my opinion. If they dont then whats the point honestly?
2008, 08, 05 16:45
Like, cleaning up the mess that Lastcurse created by editing maps without passwords?
2008, 08, 05 16:59
Alright, thanks. It's just more convenient than going to edit map, typing the maps ID, remembering the password, typing that in. With admin powers you just click the button on the map page, and I found that very functional. If it's a too much of a security threat I can get by without it :P

I also used to occasionally clean up spam, overly offensive posts, and maps which I knew were stolen/inappropriate for BWMN. I suppose the still active admins are perfectly capable of these duties though :)
2008, 08, 05 19:55
Well, if you plan on being active at the site again, I wouldn't mind re-giving you admin access, but I'd rather give you admin power for a specific task/purpose than to just give you admin power under the vague premise that you'll be cleaning up shit other admins miss. Not that I have a problem with the latter anyway, but it just makes the whole process feel more... legitimate?
2008, 08, 05 23:51
i was allways fixing pics but now i cant :(
2008, 08, 06 00:00
I used to add pics to random maps too :O

Legitimacy? I sort of enjoyed the novelty of our dictatorship/anarchy paradox and how it hung on threads for so long. I guess it was finally exploited somehow though :O

I'll ask you if I really need power ^^ Thanks. I just came to add the latest league maps since they were on TL and not in the database yet (save for a thread I missed :X) I figured onus was on me since I did it last time.
2008, 08, 06 04:47
lol I used to add the maps, but I quickly got used to someone else doing it :)

Crackling, you also used to change map pics too^^
You don't need admin power at all, rofl.

Templar you should be active here anyway, the site seems dead a lot more than it seems active :(
2008, 08, 06 19:10
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