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Help me test my game
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Hey me and my friends have spent a long time working on this game. We think it is done, but I would like it if you could tell me anything you think I could fix. I'm sorry, it is a .exe file, I cannot make any other types of games at the moment...
The game is PLATFORM BATTLE under either Teacup's games or New projects.

Here are some screenshots. It is a two player... well, plateorm battling game.

Edit: I've been having people tell me that they get a bit confused at the character selection screen. After the title screen you no longer use the mouse. The controls are:

Player 1:
W: jump / up on lvl select
A: left / left on character select
S: secondary ability / down on lvl select
D: right / right on character select
1: use main attack / confirm

Player two mimics this except using arrow keys and right shift
modified by illisid
2008, 09, 01 18:05
You have to have two players? On the same computer?
2008, 09, 03 06:00
unfortunately, yes. you need a friend to play this game with. but people are telling us this game is way addictive.

We have a new version online, fixed the navigational issues of the previous version.

with the next one we hope to be able to have an online multiplayer, but currently that is beyond us, programming-wise. and constructing an AI is incredibly difficult for a game like this...
2008, 09, 04 00:18
I don't have any friends, sorry.
2008, 09, 04 05:08

bring nastymarine to ur home ;D
2008, 09, 10 12:55
where do i download game makers newest version? :)

also what program you use for the animating?

i played some of those games lol :)
2008, 09, 10 18:45
Oh these were made with Game Maker? I remember that program lol. I made a screensaver out of it once ><
2008, 09, 10 19:36
hahah i wasnt really expecting anybody else to reply here XD

go to for the most recent gamemaker edition. and for animating I just used the gamemaker paint system... yes that meant copy-pasting and editing pixel by pixel, but it makes it so you can get exactly what you want in my opinion.
2008, 09, 29 00:58
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