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website hosting
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ive started making a website. i still only have all the files on my computer now i wonder how i upload my site to the web so other ppl can see it? (ofcourse i want it to be free only)

/thanks morrow
2008, 10, 04 23:41
What kind of site is it?
2008, 10, 05 01:07
its a terran strategy site,
tvp tvz tvt section

only 50% of tvz section is done so far. its alot of text
2008, 10, 05 11:25
never mind now a friend of mine helped me host it so ^^
2008, 10, 05 15:03
could you explain what you've done?
how and where did you host it (you wantet id to be for free right?) maybe i can make my own website :D if you teach me ^^

also give us the link!!
2008, 10, 09 00:44
i hosted it in my schools domain, only for school students no testbugs :P

disabled link.

alot of things are bugged (links not working) since i havent really got to finnsh it yet
modified by MorroW
2008, 10, 10 22:28
Hm will there be a forum too?

I just looked over the tvz section a bit, and glanced at the build orders section. For each build order, can you write out in a list format the specific bo, for example:
9 Depot
11 Barracks
14 Depot
begin marine production (stop at 6 marines)
19 Command Center
23 Depot
25 Refinery
28 Academy (stim + bat then med when done)
32 Barracks
35 Engineering Bay (+1 attack research when done)
36 Barracks

Overall it looks nice, and I like the concept. I hope you continue working on it, I know it's a lot of work.

You stated that you don't care about grammar/spelling errors etc, but it does help it look more professional. I can help you with that if you want, just copy/pasting an article, reading it and fixing the spelling/grammar errors and then giving it back to you to put back, etc.

Good work so far. And lots of pictures in examples is always a bonus.
2008, 10, 22 07:15
oh thank you :)
i wont bother you yet since im still not sure how good the page would be when its done. if its as i wanted when its done then u could start correcting it i can add u to credits then. it would just be a waste of time if you helped me now and then i cba to make more on the site if u know what i mean :)
also some bos are incorrect when i wrote them and i havent updated the site since. ill get 1 week vakation from school now i can work with site then ^^
2008, 10, 23 07:22
also i cant make that long bo list cuse the bo really depends on map and what zerg does if zerg scouts if you scout and all that. its all registred in a good terrans head ^^
2008, 10, 23 07:23
It'd be cool if you wrote stuff out anyway like that, and explained on what map vs what zerg is doing, and explain how if you see this or that how you should change your bo. For example that bo I wrote was specifically for playing vs "3hatch muta" but obviously even within 3hatch muta there's a lot of room for changing, and it'd be cool if you could write down the general specific bo, and then explain some examples of what you change in the bo if zerg does this or that, or depending on the map, etc.

But yeah I can't wait to see the finished site, I hope you don't lose motivation for it.
2008, 10, 24 00:36
dont be too excited nightmarjoo, i think this project will take some weeks :)
2008, 10, 24 15:47
i love morrow =)
2008, 10, 29 03:06
2008, 11, 02 16:32
2008, 11, 02 16:33
2008, 11, 02 16:33
ah didnt work tried to skip the /font tag ^^
2008, 11, 02 16:33
9 Depot
11 Barracks
14 Depot
begin marine production (stop at 6 marines)
19 Command Center
23 Depot
25 Refinery
28 Academy (stim + bat then med when done)
32 Barracks
35 Engineering Bay (+1 attack research when done)
36 Barracks

where can i find more things like that ?
2008, 11, 16 19:30
Morrow's site when he finishes it :D
2008, 11, 18 06:36 ? :D
2008, 11, 18 17:57
morrow your name is Stefan ? :D lol
2008, 11, 18 18:00
When tvp or tvt come out?
2009, 01, 29 15:02
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