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OK, so what have i been up to the latest weeks? Well, it turned out that trcc was actually more of a CS gamer than an SC gamer, and since i just started to play a little 1.6 NS with my firends i thought it could be a fun project to try making a CS map. We sat many nights on skype (well nights for me, afternoon for him -.-) and finally we created a very goodlooking(!) map named de_tention, which took place in a school. However the map was kinda big and hard to play on :P And since i got impatient with trcc to make a new one since he decided to dedicate some time into getting good on CS again, i began creating a new map by myself and it was beta-finnished last night, and only minor corrections are still to be made. If anyone wants DL link that can be arranged.


CT starts at their own little campingspot

Overview of Bomb A

T has to jump a fence to get anywhere...

A stair down to the basement complex

A storageroom :p

And of course:

Ive tried this map with my friends, and so far its way more fun than de_tention. Try it if you play the game :o

2006, 02, 01 08:32
the image that didnt work:

2006, 02, 01 08:34
and bigger overview:
2006, 02, 01 08:36
yay love the "no editing" function when doing pposts like this :)
2006, 02, 01 08:39
Hey I worked hard on the "no editing" feature ;)

Looks pretty straight-forward. Textures are a bit boring (The typical Half life textures). I know I once made a HL deathmatch map that was not too bad, but I think its gone a long time ago ;)

Maybe I should make maps for other games, but CS is too old-_-
2006, 02, 01 15:02
yea mutimapsite gogo :)
2006, 02, 01 16:22
I seriously thought of it. The democratic and open system at could also work for other games. In most games, maps are much bigger files than in SC tough. Plus I do not know any other game well, neither do I know mappers for it.

Well it will have to wait for now;)
2006, 02, 01 18:15
well in other games it takes much more time to make a map so mabye it makes up even. However we should have a clear policy about however we delete crap maps or not :s
2006, 02, 01 19:11
I like bananas.

2006, 02, 06 02:43
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