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my style
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almost everyone on this page has a certain style. nastymarine loves open centers, LGI uses every single space on the map for a crazy idea, and so on.

what's mine (besides mass doodading)? i'd be really interesting what you think is my style. it's kinda hard to judge by oneself cuz it's kinda subtile :P

go on and tell me
i got some thoughts but dunno if this is how my maps look towards others. gogo, comments
2006, 03, 12 16:49
your style is standard imo. awoken demons was a little experiment but still pretty standard
2006, 03, 12 17:46
thats the review we all want right? :P

nah its not standard, there is always some experimental feature to blend in with the standard layout.
2006, 03, 12 17:54
so this is it? combining standard with one or two fresh ideas? then it was very close to my point of view, actually closer than expected :D
2006, 03, 12 18:29
what is my style? retard maps?
2006, 03, 12 19:55
@inept: lol!

@flo: i resent that haha!! ("nastymarine loves open centers") actually the main reason (i'd like to clear this up) that i have bigger centers is the fact that wen i first started making maps is that i didnt have big centers for flanking so i tend to make bigger centers b/c of earlier suggestions! but actually i'd like for u guys to mention the maps that have open centers which flo suggests.. cuz other than No-Mans Land i dont feel that they are open like flo pointed out.

PS im not offended by that comment.. jus commenting on it.

ur style is pretty standard.. very natural tho i like it
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 12 23:04
well, the "open center" is the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of "nasty's style" :p

i usually tend to standard (playable) maps, but from time to time i spit every crazy thought into one map

check out evisceration or InChaines :D
those are not likely to be played, though
2006, 03, 12 23:32
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