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Last update for (8)Aneurysm : 2017, 07, 09 20:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4865 (8)Aneurysm otherRickV1.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 55 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Reuploading... Modifications done:
Better Pathing for units. Enjoy, any bugs or fixes
to be done tell me without problems :)
and Image quality better.

About the map:
-This map I made in one the days when my head was hurting somehow that's why the name... at first it was called twilightkill but thanks to a friend in discord renamed it after the name he gave and it fitted perfectly.
-Main Bases are purely ground bases.
-Expansions some are ground expansions others are island expansions that follow the rule.
Hard to auto defend.

modified by Rickv100491
You mean "better pathing for units" by just adding some doodads/sprites? They're not showing because you need to select neutral (now they show red on editor) and/or something else, I don't remember. You need to test out map first by yourself before uploading. Keep improving.
I think this is the thread about it:
Modifications done. Now it looks how it is supposed to.
if you really want to improve pathing you shouldn't put mineral nodes directly in the middle of major pathways
Did little modifications because of a wild vespene geyser :P.
modified by Rickv100491
Is there any point in time where you foresee to actually address major issues or at least post a picture that is not conveying the message that you do not want any one to pay a closer look?
I'm actually fixing it, addressing major issues.. you mean the minerals in the paths and the siege avaliable in the expansions or the gas positioning?? can you please point them exactly where to fix them?? I'm a little lost here and there to tell the truth, but I do know where to position the gas and so so no worries in regards to gas positioning, but one question though... is it good to put both gas in a position like 1 gas standard and the other non standard or both so the main is in the middle of them?? so you get gas mining x2 rate??
modified by Rickv100491
Well did modifications.

Modifications done.
Pathing issues: minerals in the way of units.
Gas Placement: Every single gas is well placed now.
Expansions Naturals Mains: modifications done to them some big others not so big.

Modifications can be seen better in the picture, well when the picture appears and ... yeah the picture quality still sucks!, and still don't know why the pic doesn't appear.

Still though I think more things need to be modified.. just still wondering and looking.
modified by Rickv100491
Why is it so hard to get some decent image editing software ?

At least get rid of all the blocky stuff. You should refrain from using tile editing unless for a good purpose. Just for looking awesome is of course a great purpose, but never for the cost of functionality, and only if it actually does look awesome eventually!
Freakling, well when you have an 12 year old pc, only using xp is really harsh to get an image editing software besides paint, so I have to use online converters, the blocky stuff....mmmm got it... and you mean the tile editing about the bridge? or other things like the critters??? Well as I said still need to fix and modify things. :).
modified by Rickv100491
It should be possible to get some old version of GIMP or something that runs on an old PC (and image size rather than the software you use is probably the limiting factor, anyway).
But seriously, you should maybe consider just upgrading to some five year old one, that a friend is happy to sell you for a few bugs or something ...
modified by Freakling
The thing is image looks OK but it's fucking 256x256 right? So it's really hard to point out a thing with this resolution. If you've done standart 128ish map there would be no complaints.

I've been using WinXP till 2009 with Pentium 4 and it's not true that you can't get decent photo editor. Just download somewhere Photoshop CS2 with key, that's the best software I ever used and it's compatible with old PC's.
It is not just the size though. The murky and off-tone colours, the bad contrast and the overall blurriness of it make it hard to make anything out.

This is what I get after just converting colours to 3 byte RGB space, rescaling, optimizing the contrast (I use the histogram curve option of gimp, as that way you can get selective contrast over just the prevalent colours, which in most BW tilesets are rather concentrated in the lower half of the lightness spectrum) and running a slight sharpening filter afterwards:

As for the blockiness: All the bridges look terrible, get rid of the broken one and fix all the others, it's really not that hard.
You have some edited cliff edges on different spots of the map which just look horrible. I suggest you skim the map database for some well-made maps that will give you an idea how to do it properly (many of my twilight maps use lots of cliff to basilica cliff transitions, for example).

modified by Freakling
OK noted it. mmm is necessary to take out the broken bridge?? I mean it is supposed to be an island expansion, so the broken bridge gives that optical Illusion and well if you see the old pic of the map where is broken there was supposed to be a mini expansion but got rid of it and moved the expansion down and made the island expansion kind of a little better, as for the other bridges fixing, you mean make them so each and every bridge can be able to be blocked by 2 supply depot and a barracks right? I mean I did the bridges so that massive armies can pass through them, just wondering though, the cliff edges and so I'm fixing them too no worries in that regard.

Oh and the picture actually looks better than the crappy ones I do.
modified by Rickv100491
I was not talking about balance or playability but just about looks. Your bridges consist mostly the same tile spammed over and over instead of the proper bridge textures.

The broken bridge is even worse, it does not really do anything and does not look good as decorative element because the blends are so bad. better to get rid of it (or find a better looking way to make it).

modified by Rickv100491
Modifications done:

-Removed big doodads from main bases, instead put max 2 little doodads in the main bases so buildings and so are not blocked.
-Removed a lot of critters from the map, left 2 or 3 or 4 in some expansions.
-Expansions: Put minerals in expansions that are islands not giving terran much advantage in that regard, in ground expansions put minerals on them too, please do tell me if I need to remove them from the ground expansions too or they are good as they are right now.
-Blockiness: removed some blockiness that made the map look like a copy/paste, hopefully it has a more natural feel to it.
-Version: Man I don't even know how many times I've fixed this map, but did modifications because max cap reaches too fast in an hour if players don't kill each other beforehand that's why the majority of critters were gone, not all.
-Image Quality: Heck I'm still mad because the image looks perfect in my pc but when I upload it, it's just like the pic says, nope your pictures will be crappy always and like that they will stay -_- ...

modified by Rickv100491
Thank you for taking some of my feedback from my video into account.

I do think that you should re-visit the idea of all the sprites on the broken bridge. I explained in the video that in an 8p map locking out the sprite limit is very easy to do, and right now all the sprites in use at the broken bridge only serve to make that more of a problem. If you can reduce it to maybe 20-30 sprites total that'd be fine.
Modifications done:
Mayor modifications done to map.

-Mains: Reorganized resources in a way that units are not stuck when gathering.
-Expansions: Remade a lot of expansions, erased some and remade them from scratch a little.
-Units: Critters are low compared to first version.
Sprites: Reduced sprites only using max 75 sprites
-Image Quality: Better Image quality.

Any bugs or fixes please do not hesitate to point them out
modified by Rickv100491
And well now I'm kinda lost... do I need to make new modifications... and take some expansions out or what?? because I'm thinking maybe do that...or other things *sigh* seriously this map has actually given me an Aneurysm rofl...
There is always a time to just let a map go, or at least seat it in a corner for some time and ignore it, accept it for what it is, for better or for worse, and take on new projects...
Aww but it is one of my babies T.T I'm trying to make it better... unless of course it is good now....
you've already fixed a lot of the more fundamental problems, so now we'd be getting into gameplay theorizing and balance discussion. and a huge 8p ffa/team map like this is almost impossible to judge by normal standards, since it'll play so differently from what people are used to (aka 1v1 matches on a 128^2 or smaller map). so there's actually just nothing more we can really say...
There is balance in an 8pffa?
Well I think, dunno, my honest opinion... that a 8p ffa map is balanced when it's actually imbalanced when you don't have many choke points and so... that's my opinion of course...but I'm open for opinions to be honest... but well the theme of the map is actually Aneurysm... so basically you have to wreck your brain to find the way to win.. well that's my opinion though.
@freakling: that's what i meant, you can't really balance a map like this, so there's nothing else to say about it
Welp sorry about the new update I realized that while erasing a lot of doodads and so I erased some ground ramps without realizing... so there it goes.... now the 2 ramps are where they were supposed to be.. anyways if it is good... I'll think I'll change the type to beta maybe....? instead of experimental?
modified by Rickv100491
Change it to island, just to confuse people!
sorry for answering just now.... I was actually thinking of doing that Freakling.. because it is an Aneurysm hehe. On a side note... still fixing the other maps... but man really when you get a inspirational block is hard to do it.

--Rickv(team1);ivan(team1) vs Jlong(team2);freeStyle(team2)(1on1, 1.16)
--Rickv100491 vs Escilias(1on1, 1.16)

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