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Chicks on BWMN?
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It seems to me that every map maker on this site is a guy. I'm just curious, are there any girls that are actually active on this site? It seems funny that the whole site is just a big sausage :p.

Not that it really matters at all, I'd just be interested to know.
2006, 04, 08 01:50
Well there are virtually no female BW players, so only natural there are no mappers;)

2006, 04, 08 01:57
i beg the differ panschk, i've 'met' quite a few female bw players actually. not too many tho :)
2006, 04, 08 02:13
hm i know a 40 year old mother that plays...and a couple of like goth/wierdo girls that play this game but thats about it.

most girls that play this are punk or whatever
2006, 04, 08 02:19
Once, i've tried to teach Darina with the Star Edit, but she was not intrested. Even if i told her, that if she learns to mapping, she will be the best female mapper in the world, because i know that there is none :P
2006, 04, 08 12:07
I've seen a couple people online that are girls. One of them showed us a picture of her and she was HOT! But she was an extreme bitch.
2006, 04, 08 21:37
the girls online that are supposedly "hot" i have found just give you some pic they found off a random website.
2006, 04, 08 22:37
2006, 04, 09 01:34
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