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the map bladestorm is actually very cool. I somehow like the concept, it really plays different due to the integration of the backdoor-minonly.

too bad it is ugly as hell. as i really don't like the look of it, I plan to remake the whole map - but with some more convenient shapes [I guess it will be called Shape Storm ;D].

what do you think of the idea? should I keep twilight? would be wise imo.
2006, 05, 02 13:11
Imo, you should make it space, where the lines are in their full glory, instead of twilight where it just seems so unnatural.
2006, 05, 02 16:13
i don't wanna keep the straight lines. i want a smooth map based on the bladestorm concept.
2006, 05, 02 17:21
This map shows how it is important to choose the tileset correctly.
Does this one looks sexy?
2006, 05, 02 19:10
really? i think blade storm looks so cool. Who cares about that natural bullshit?
2006, 05, 02 21:00
Wow... that middle looks so cool.
2006, 05, 02 23:11
blade storm is almost okay for pvz (p needs a little more help). changing the main to 9 minerals, and the gas nat to 8 would probably do it. we'd have to see if this made t>z or not.

it needs some serious adjustment to help terran vs protoss. making the islands better (more gas) might do it.

what could help both of the above is tightening the nats a little, and making the cliffs (main) extend over them more.

it's zvt/tvz is okay.
2006, 05, 03 20:26
i've remade this on jungle already but i didn't release it because no one deserves it.
2006, 05, 03 20:27
wow u must be a genius gosu mapper if none of us deserve it... idiot
2006, 05, 03 21:26
1. Your supposed Gosu map is pure shit and you're too embarrassed to release it.


2. You convinced yourself that lying is the best way to make friends.
2006, 05, 03 21:41
hahaha yo the dentist has been bringing out random maps into discussion for no reason. its annoying wen ur trying to get help wit newer maps.. so plz stop doing it.
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 05, 03 21:46
Rofl when I saw the title of this thread, I thought the letters "BS" stood for "Bullshit." I thought you were gonna complain about something. xD
2006, 05, 03 23:52
Yeah same :).
2006, 05, 03 23:57
i never use this word! it is bad!
2006, 05, 04 08:57
Fuck, swearing is bad! xD
2006, 05, 05 06:30
i don't like in bs, that the nat of purple and blue are shottable from behind, instead the nat of red and teal no...
2006, 05, 05 23:22
blade storm is pretty boring and outdated
2006, 05, 07 00:28
like your mom
2006, 05, 07 17:55

2006, 05, 09 21:04
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