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How is Itlay and the WCG?
2006, 10, 20 02:54
many surprises, and its great, but i cant watch the games unfortunately for some reasons :(

recent results:
A group

iloveoov > Lamer
Lowely > thuoclao
Legionnaire < Korporal
iloveoov > Lowely
Legionnaire < thouclao
Lamer > Korporal
Legionnaire < Lamer
iloveoov > thuoclao
Lowely > Korporal
Lamer > Lowely
iloveoov > Legionnaire
Korporal > thuoclao
Lowely < Legionnaire
iloveoov > Korporal
Lamer > thuoclao

Advance: iloveoov Lamer

B group

Artosis > 3D.Escape
Midas > Mondragon
Draco > M1_Cobo
Artosis < Mondragon
Midas < M1_Cobo
Draco > 3D.Escape
Mondragon > 3D.Escape
Draco > Midas
Artosis < M1_Cobo
Draco > Mondragon
Artosis < Midas
M1_Cobo < 3D.Escape
Midas > 3D.Escape
Draco > Artosis
Mondragon > M1_Cobo

Advance: Draco Midas

C group

Ptak > Beefhart
Odin > Ubri
Dashwriter > Ptak
Ubri > Beefhart
Ptak < Odin
Beefhart < Dashwriter
Dashwriter > Vanilica
Vanilica > Odin
Vanilica > Ubri
Dashwriter < Odin
Vanilica > Beefhart
Ptak > Ubri
Odin > Beefhart
Vanilica < Ptak
Dashwriter < Ubri

Advance: Odin Dashwriter

D group

ZelotITO < Kashu
Darki > Cloud
JayStar < Masterok
ZelotITO > Cloud
Jaystar < Darki
Masterok > Kashu
Kashu < JayStar
ZelotITO > Darki
Masterok > Cloud
ZelotITO > Masterok
Darki < Kashu
Cloud < JayStar
Masterok > Darki
ZelotITO > JayStar
Kashu < Cloud

Advance: ZelotITO Masterok -- kashu the hungarian player is out :(

E group

White-Ra > Maix
Raven > SlaSh
SquaLL < Testie
Maix > SquaLL
Testie > SlaSh
Raven < White-Ra
Raven > Maix
SquaLL > SlaSh
Testie > White-Ra
SquaLL < White-Ra
SlaSh > Maix
Testie > Raven
Testie > Maix
SquaLL < Raven
White-Ra > SlaSh

Advance: Testie White-Ra

F group

Suker > Angoc
Overdrive < )ex(rox
StYm > Selector
StYm > Overdrive
Suker > )ex(rox
Selector < Angoc
)ex(rox > Angoc
Overdrive > Selector
StYm > Suker
Suker > Selector
)ex(rox < StYm
Angoc < Overdrive
Overdrive > Suker
Angoc > StYm
)ex(rox > Selector

Advance: StYm Overdrive

G group

absence_moldova < Dark_Caleb
PNZLegend < JulyZerg
Eagle > MoonZerg
absence_moldova < JulyZerg
PNZLegend > Eagle
Dark_Caleb > MoonZerg
absence_moldova < MoonZerg
PNZLegend > Dark_Caleb
Eagle < JulyZerg
Eagle > absence_moldova
PNZLegend > MoonZerg
Dark_Caleb < JulyZerg
absence_moldova < PNZLegend
MoonZerg < JulyZerg
Dark_Caleb > Eagle

Advance: JulyZerg PNZLegend

H group

Technics > ZergRaptor
Reason > SteelHeart
Androide < Phoenix
Androide < Reason
Steelheart > Technics
Phoenix > ZergRaptor
Androide > ZergRaptor
Technics < Reason
Steelheart < Phoenix
Androide > Technics
Steelheart < ZergRaptor
Phoenix > Reason
Phoenix > Technics
Androide > Steelheart
Zergraptor < Reason

Advance: Phoenix Reason
modified by Antares
2006, 10, 20 14:56
Well i am able to meet many players like Testie, Mondi, Selector, Oov, July, Midas (even tho he wont do an interview), Artosis, Slog (tho he is only reffing) and many other players. It was quite cool interviewing oov ^^ very gm.

as far as the games are going, they are pretty entertaining. Most of the korean games are progamers > all; expcept for july vs caleb tho july won. and um july's first game today tho he won also, and Draco's win over midas (gg ^^)

other than that, milano is an awesome city. You guys should visit here sometime.

WCG's location is rather bad tho. Its hard to find the damn place and there isnt proper transportation for people other than players and referees which is really bad. And the food could be a bit better.

the gladiator games were awesome between players. That was great. Foriengers > Koreans there lol
2006, 10, 20 17:41
ooops i didnt see this thread was meant to be for you :P
2006, 10, 20 18:05
Don't forget Cobo > Midas ;)

So sad that Mondi didn't advance, especially after he had same score with Midas. But well, he was in the death group, he doesn't have to be ashamed for not advancing (in opposite to what happend to him as merc in bwcl 2b ;) )

Selector and Dashwriter won't stay in WCG much longer, imo. They are not bad, but Mondi was my only hope for a German to reach a top spot...
Now gogo Draco, Testie, White-Ra!!!
2006, 10, 20 20:01
whitera face oov in the top 16 :) gg for him, draco will do the same in the top8

oov bash the noobs
2006, 10, 20 20:47
bah, at least testie beat oov once (did I read this in your interwiev, Nasty? I usually don't check the author ;) ), but actually I don't see anyone having a real chance against both oov and july. Midas seems in a bad shape, though.
modified by spinesheath
2006, 10, 20 21:33
"ooops i didnt see this thread was meant to be for you :P"

lol that's ok, your information was nice an organized, and told more than I had read on gosugamers last night^^
2006, 10, 20 22:08
now i added all the results of the group stage. it was quite funny to see android pick Z in his two most important matches and fuck his wcg. ex was also noobish today, he should have advance easily. jaystar played really badly. although he made it, midas is just a pure shame as well as legionnaire or selector.

this wcg is really idiot, again a korean will win this
modified by Antares
2006, 10, 20 23:47
hah, AS I SAID! gogo Testie + White-Ra + Draco!!! :D
2006, 10, 21 00:21
in reality white ra doesnt stand a chance against oov. About ex, i watched his matched against overdrive, and he clearly got outplayed. Overdrive's macro was slipping mid game and it allowed ex to stay in te game a bit longer than he should have. so overdrive imo is better than ex atm. idk what andriod was thinking in his matches and especially when he got the yellow card. legionnaire wasnt in shape for wcg and selector imo isnt at the right to compete wit some of the top notch players in wcg. when i talked to them in they're interviews, many of them said they really havent practiced that much so that says alot about why us foriegners have a problem playing agains the koreans.

testie has a chance only if july gets knocked out b.c testie wont be able to pvz against july and testie isnt playing random. draco has the best chance, but i dont know if he has the endurance to last against the rest of the koreans.
2006, 10, 21 01:07
Well, actually, WHO does stand a chance against oov these days? :
2006, 10, 21 01:23
even I 2-1 Selector, how the hell did he get to WCG -_-

funniest game out of them all :

Draco vs Midas
Cobo vs Midas

draco vs midas is a good game in a funny way, that midas expo got destroyed really early and he still stayed in the game for the most part.

Cobo vs midas just hilarious... he does like a 3-4 gate proxy rofl!

i think winner of WCG will be OOv or a foreigner. IMO i dont think julyzerg wont take it because all of WCG maps suck for zerg when your vs terran. Midas just isnt in shape i think or maybe the first round brought him back to reality...
2006, 10, 21 03:15
How many people are in italy? Lol... I want to see the games. They need to make them downloadable on gosugamers or something. Some reps on bwmn would be awesome :D.
2006, 10, 21 06:28
but they wont post it until all ends.
2006, 10, 21 11:32
foriegners have been eliminated.. good games with testie vs midas and draco vs oov.. must see reps when they come out!
2006, 10, 21 16:13
wow... Now this was a fast decision... Any strong foreigners left? None that I would expect to stand a chance...

TT sad WCG..
2006, 10, 21 16:23
lx, oov, midas, july. which are all pro gamers are only ppl left. Testie and draco did put up an excellent fight. I thought for sure testie and draco would advance but they are just way too strong. Their timings (the koreans) are just way too accurate and its almost impossible to throw them off they're game. really excellent stuff tho
2006, 10, 21 16:59
july or oov then =/
2006, 10, 21 17:59
I'm rootin for July. Naturally gotta root for ym fellow Zerg :D.
2006, 10, 21 22:35
ah oov will own him :P
2006, 10, 21 23:26
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