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Symmetry Tool?
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I was told today that a symmetry tool exists on some Version of SCMDraft, is this correct? I looked in every drop-down box, and clicked every button possible in SCMDraft version 0.7.3 and I have yet to find such a feature. Over at, I saw a map where the user claimed to have used a symmetry tool, and it did seem likely. If this tool does in fact exist, please point me in the right direction. I can't imagine where I would ever need to use it, but I'm curious to see how it works.
2007, 03, 11 03:41
wait there was even a topic about that

-> Mirored maps (^^)

here the direct link to the SEN forum
SEN Forum

iirc you just need to download it, place it in your scmdraft folder and run it instead of the normal exe
2007, 03, 11 10:27
Thx.. I got it =D
2007, 03, 11 21:52
I downloaded it to my scmdraft2 folder. It downloaded as a "rar" file. When I double click on it it takes me to the starcraft game and there I only have the original editor and it is the same, nothing has changed. Can somebody tell me how to make this work? Thanks.
2007, 03, 13 23:54
When you download the .rar file, you need to first unzip it with Winrar or Winzip. Then, once the file has been extracted, you need only copy the .exe. file into your SCMDraft Folder. Run this .exe file in place of your original SCMDraft.exe and the newer version should open. The file has the word "vista" in the title...
2007, 03, 14 00:17
2007, 03, 14 02:51
guys decorate your maps after using the symetry thing please ><
2007, 03, 15 07:41
yeah there is a button missing that randomly decorates your map
2007, 03, 15 07:44
lol, along with the thing that tells you if your map is balanced or not before you post it on bwm :)
2007, 03, 15 07:46

i never use that tool, its much easier to alter the landscape manually isnt it?
2007, 03, 21 10:50
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