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It's finally on the way:

SEN topic

SCMD2 gets an mirror-ISOM-feature. It probably is not perfect yet (beware of bugs), but anyone who is interested should try it out and help finding issues.
2007, 01, 14 10:42
true mappers never use such a feature
2007, 01, 14 14:30
True mappers only comment on other's maps Oo

Well, if it speeds up the process, what should be wrong with it?
2007, 01, 14 16:03
uhh so weird, but good work :D
2007, 01, 14 18:17
this is going to hurt the mapping community. maps will be all essentially 'cloned'. Im sure its useful and most of us and probobly all will try it at some point. but this will down-size the quality of mappers everywhere.

Im sure it will be usefull to mappers who are having a real hard time with symmetry and redoing maps though. all in all its good news to see something being created for the mapping community once more.
2007, 01, 16 16:08
Well yeah, we have to expect a wave of all-symmetric-maps. But I don't think it will hurt the community a lot.
Btw, it might encourage the better mappers to do more non-symmetric yet balanced maps, since creating syymetric maps is too simple now and doesn't show skill anymore (well, didn't show skill at any time, but looked like a lot of work was put into it)
2007, 01, 16 17:20
i think mirroring is so much easier than central symmetry, i guess i wont use it for creatingthe entire map at all. hey i like when things go as i draw and not as a transcendental magic... blahh horrible to watch it :)

and i think you need to broke the symmetry sometimes, for example when you try to implement ramps and avoid the use of inverted ones. thats the hardest thing in mirrored maps, but you cant do this with this editor, only the easier drawings.

but i see some use of this editor. when you fill the gaps with cliffs and decorate the water areas it really reduce the speed so much.

i await the next central-symmetry-editor :) because that needs really lot skills, much more than a mirror.
modified by Antares
2007, 01, 16 20:31
i dont even know how to work the fuckin' thing. can some1 tell me how it works? Im interested
2007, 01, 19 08:06
can the thing create symetry where f(-x) = -f(x) (along the origin(I think that's what you guys are calling central symetry))? That'd be nice.
How does it react with spells/neutrals/doodads etc.
Why would it hurt the mapping community? It will just help eliminate pos imba =/
2007, 01, 19 09:26
It does only work for ISOM brushing. Of course not for buildings and stuff.

There is supposed to be some version that has the mirroring that you speak of, Nightmarjoo, but I actually never got my hands on it. I guess SI will fix all the bugs and maybe add some more stuff (for example I suggested to add a height level layer and he seemed to be interested) and then he will probably release a proper version. As it is now, it's just a test version, actually.
2007, 01, 19 11:05
True mappers pump iron, kill kittens, watch the game, and have tattoos of anchors on their arms.
2007, 01, 19 17:40
i have a tattoo of a kitten on my arm, does this count too?
2007, 01, 19 18:09
We all need tattoos which say BROODWARMAPS FIGHTING and MAPDORI IS TEH ENEMY :D
2007, 01, 19 19:38
2007, 01, 19 22:04
i still dont understand how it works... can some1 explain?
2007, 01, 20 05:53
Unpatriotic statement censored!
2007, 01, 20 07:11

edit: Bring it!
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 01, 20 07:25
pwnd what now?
2007, 01, 20 23:16
edit: nvm i figured it out
modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 06 04:25
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