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Deprotecting Maps
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it would be sweet if you could send me your unprotected bifrost version :)
2007, 04, 08 21:54
does anyone have an unprotected bifrost which you can edit? plz, haxxors of this page, help me
2007, 04, 10 11:13
You can't get an other deprotected version of this map. Read the Article "Größe statt Qualität" at and you know why.
modified by ptar
modified by ptar
2007, 04, 10 19:18

For your information: EVERY map that works in Starcraft can be unprotected.

That column misses several important aspects of protection, btw. While it is really simple to fix stuff like split sections and missing sections (you usually can't use ISOM terrain afterwards, though. An algorithm to restore ISOM is theoretically possible but it would be very complex and require a ridiculous amount of processing time), it is really hard to fix other stuff. With only a HexEditor in your hands it will be a ton of work. A melee map can always be unprotected easily, though, but you would accept some losses then, like deleting all the triggers and stuff like that.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 10 20:08
so there is basically no way of getting a bifrost version which i can edit and redo at ease?
2007, 04, 10 21:46
Yeah Spine i know that. Flo said that he can't edit my unprotected bifrost version, cauz there were only black holes when he wants to edit it. So i told him to read the column, because there it says, that you
can only edit every single quadrat when the ISOM is missing. And i think Flo doesn't want to restore it ^^.
@ Flo : Yeah, you have to restore the ISOM, but therefor you need alot of time. So you have to edit every single quadrat and therefor you need alot of time ,too. ^^
modified by ptar
2007, 04, 10 21:57
Basically, yes, there is no reliable algorithm that restores ISOM that I would know of. Either contact the creator if possible or grab that unprotected version, open it and a new map in SCMD2, tile vertially, and start copying. That's actually not THAT much work ;)

It's even enough to only copy the ISOM terrain, skipping all the units, doodads, all the details. Then copy the ISOM section from the new map to the unprotected version.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 10 22:43
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