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Deprotecting Maps
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Could somebody please tell me, how to deportect Melee-Maps? Everywhere deprotected Maps are used and i wanna know how they do that. Pls help me.

2007, 04, 07 11:14
use the extract map from replay feature of >rexplorer<
2007, 04, 07 12:15
does this unprotect the map. I know that in the old reptoscm tool, replays from protected maps produced protected maps.
2007, 04, 07 12:44
Yeah, i think panschk is right. I downloaded rexplorer and installed it, but when i extract for example Paranoid Android it is still protected.
2007, 04, 07 12:51
is there another way of unprotecting?
2007, 04, 07 20:08
Well there's OSMap, but it sucks balls. Best way to unprotect is get a hex editor. You need to know what protection they use though. Take the protector, and protect a random map. Look at both the unprotected and protected version through the hex editor (I think you have to save the maps ini the .chk or something format rather than scm/scx, look at the dropdown box in scmdraft), and see what the differences are (I think doing that is relatively easy). Then save a protected map in that format, and change the things which the protector changes, and if you did it right the map should both work and be unprotected :)
2007, 04, 07 21:55
Yeah, I know OSMap. I can deprotect old maps, but newer Maps, wich are played in the Korean Pro Leagues like OSL and MSL he can't unprotect. And Nightmarjoo, where can i get a hex Editor, i googeled
it, but i haven't found anything.
modified by ptar
2007, 04, 07 22:23
I am using TinyHexer by Mirkes. A very nice HexEditor.
A good way to unprotect maps is to create an empty map of the same size and tileset and copy the essential sections over. For some protection methods that won't be enough, though.
You also need a good knowledge of the .chk map format; the wiki on is a good starting point. The stickied thread on in SCMapsAndCustomsDevelopment about the .chk map format is a worthy resource as well.

Even though I consider myself to be good at unprotecting (better than OSMap), I have found a few maps that I was unable to unprotect until now. So don't be too frustrated if some maps refuse to be unprotected; some protection methods are really nifty.

Also: NEVER steal credit.

About RepToMap: In some cases, it should work. But in most cases the protection will stay.
2007, 04, 07 22:55
well, as i dont have any clue of all this, can someone give me an unprotected bifrost?
2007, 04, 07 23:09
And for some pieces it is good so.Not evry regular Joe have to put his dirty fingers on a masterpiece and mutilate her.
2007, 04, 07 23:09
hm well, i used rexplorer to get the map for requiem, then it was only possible to open it with starforge
save the map again with starforge and you have an unprotected map
2007, 04, 08 00:10
You can always try that. Starforge is the least picky editor of SE/SCXE/SF/SCMD2. Usually some sections are left out and a few are split. The split sections should be fixed by the reptomap thing, while SF restores some of the sections that were left out. That's not always working though.
It might work on Bifrost, since that map is old and probably is not that complicatedly protected. If not, flo, you could tell me and I might try my luck. Just make sure to provide me with the correct version (here on bwmn or via email).

But try the reptomap -> SF thing at first.

Again: Don't steal credit.
2007, 04, 08 01:04
spoilr, the average joe should be able to look at all the great masterpieces of maps, so that he may study it, and see how it was made, be able to compare the gameplay to the map and understand stuff =/

spines, ima unprotect bifrost, and say I made it! No one will ever know I wasn't the original maker, bwahahaha!
2007, 04, 08 01:45
Thx for helping, i gonna test TinyHexer.
and spine, i would never steal credit.^^
I will use it only for my own.

Edit: I have an deprotected Neo Bifrost 2.0
if anyone wants it.
modified by ptar
2007, 04, 08 12:30
rep2map and SF dont work.
2007, 04, 08 13:29
If Neo Bifrost 2.0 is ok, then have ptar mail it to you - saves me work :p

I agree that you should be able to view every map, but imo you don't have to unprotect it for that reason. It would be possible to create an editor that locks all editing features upon opening a protected map, including copy/paste/save etc, and turns into a "viewer" rather than an "editor". This is what I am going to do with my editor - if I ever get that far :p I should, though, I have to finish at least SOMETHING in my life ^^
2007, 04, 08 16:09
Flo you can deprotect bifrost with OSMap. I have downloaded it here at bwmn and deprotected it with OSMap. I think you can do it alone ^^. Otherwise PM me.
2007, 04, 08 16:16
Nah, don't download OSMap, it's written in VB!!
2007, 04, 08 19:37
Whats VB???
Sry for this silly question^^ , but i don't know. :)
2007, 04, 08 19:59
Visual Basic, "programming language". I hate it ^^

Oh and OSMap connects to the internet, btw, and submits data about the unprotected map to a database. I also hate stuff like that.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 08 20:07
Oh, i didn't know that, but as long as they do not sent personal infos, it's ok. But i also dislike things like that. They should at least inform the user about something like this.

modified by ptar
2007, 04, 08 20:12
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