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Shittiest Patch Ever... I mean 1.15
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1.15 patch is out.

wtf is this shit, "Lastreplay.rep" jee thanks, now to use autoreplay I have to put more work into it than just saving the rep. No repwithtext, no obs mode, apm live is w/e. Now all my reps are invalidated, thanks a lot blizz. I liked it better when you didn't care about sc, the community does a better job with the game than you do.

I say we boycott bnet and play on abyss where 1.14/pp still works ><

I checked and bwm already has support for 1.15 for rep uploading. Panschk hard at work in advanced^^
2007, 05, 15 21:27
i dont have problems with that patch, the old replays i have are not needed anymore :P
im sure there is soon a third party program that allows you to autosave your reps :P
2007, 05, 15 22:16
Honestly, Nightmarjoo, I say it again: When were you going to watch all those reps? Ok, those on BWMN might have been worth watching, but so was it with many patches.

Lastreplay.rep is a little poor, indeed. RWT and obs mode was just a little gimmick, nothing major. I'm missing APM live, but then again I only looked at it in the first minutes...
2007, 05, 15 23:30
well at least we can start deleting lots of reps here to free up some space ^^
2007, 05, 16 04:55
Fuck 1.15 and blizzard
2007, 05, 16 06:45
autosave is fucked up now.. fuck you blizzard
2007, 05, 16 06:45
IDK about u guys but there were many fun memories that rep with texts had.... of me and my friends... my gf plays sc too and now our memories are gone >:/ no more Z stacking.... i tested hydras and lings, dont work... but can u still stack mutas/guards/devs/ovies? I am truly discusted with blizzard and their patch, since they have no clue about the major concensus is about removing the effects of PP....removing autotext was bad enough, but making all the reps unplayable? thats just going too far, I really wish someone will revive the BWL and PP projects and keep their mouth shut about it, since Blizzard is totally oblivious to SC... they are blinded by games like WoW now. I'm just about ready to start an uprising against blizzard

Q(.Q) (!)
modified by Crimson)S(hadow
2007, 05, 16 07:09
I haven't tested, but this should work for old replays -
2007, 05, 16 07:52
BWL _won't_ be revived. Those who have the code will not continue to work on it, and they will not give away that code because it is VERY dangerous in the wrong hands.

Hope that SC downgrader will include SC1.14 soon and use that in combination with the old BWL if you are really THAT dependent on it.
2007, 05, 16 11:01
there will be a new version for bwl, but without the pp features (rwt, obsmode, etc.)
2007, 05, 18 10:02
Uh, so what will it do then? Everything except for connecting to leagues was done by pp...
2007, 05, 18 14:05
2007, 05, 18 15:57
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