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The Hunter (joke)
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One day a man was hunting in the woods, he sees a deer and fires at it...he misses the deer and says "aw shit I missed". A priest walks by and says if you say that 2 more times god will smite you.

The next day the hunter comes back, sees a deer, shoots and misses...yet again he says "aw shit I missed". The priest walks by again and says "if you say that one more time god will smite you"

The day after that the hunter comes back, sees a deer, shoots and misses... he exclaims "aw shit I missed". The priest walks up to him and says "You had been warned! God will now smite you!" A bolt of lightning shoots down and hits he priest, killing him.

Up in heaven the priest asks god "why did you shoot lightning at me? It was the hunter that sinned". God replies with "Aw shit I missed"
2007, 07, 01 02:20
2007, 07, 01 02:52
I lol'd
2007, 07, 01 08:58
Heh Im gonna open a section on "Owned" soon!
2007, 07, 01 15:54
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