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Harry Potter 7 Spoiler On YouTube
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I searched Dramatic Prarie Dog, and the ones that says DRAMATIC PRARIE DOG REMIX!! Is a piece of shit. comes up, then reveals something, everything about the 7nth book. to the guy who posted it- GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU HOMO!!! and I think it may be a hacker, beacuse comments dont that they saw it. also, Youtube was "under Reapirs" so maybe there was a glitch, anyway, this fucking sucks. DEATH TO THAT POSTER
2007, 07, 26 02:35
Now I feel sad :(
2007, 07, 26 02:39
can only hope he was a liar though, and thats what i will belive until i read it myself ;)
2007, 07, 26 02:40
i only know of one video that tells the truth. It was one that leaked info about it before the books were legally allowed to be sold. But other than that alot of them are fakes.
2007, 07, 26 03:06
kk, thx :) it wasnt that one i think :) and, my mom broke my cd T.T STILL cant fix my map sunken dunes! also, plz tell me precisely what I ned to fix (less expos, More expos, larger main, smaller main, less lifts, more clifts, ect)
2007, 07, 26 04:41
lupin, tonks, hedwig, fred, dobby and mad-eye die (am i forgetting anyone?)
voldemort dies, harry doesnt
harry marries ginny and has 3 children. ron marries hermione. neville becomes the herbology professor at hogwarts.
snape is good, and killed dumbledore as part of a plan
umbridge has the real horcrux, rab is Sirius' brother
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 07, 26 06:48
Wanna make a map with the head of Harry?? o,o
2007, 07, 26 11:07
Not here, too TT Darn, why is this shit everywhere? That whole Pottery is ****** annoying!

And btw, the whole book was scanned and put on the internet weeks prior to the official release...
2007, 07, 26 12:31
Your messagFuck You NightMarjoo, didnt read most of your coment, fucker :)
2007, 07, 26 22:35
spines that's how I read it^^
2007, 07, 27 08:13
me too. finished it 3 days ago. i liked some previous ones much better though (third, fifth and sixth).
modified by Antares
2007, 07, 28 23:54
Third is my fav.
2007, 07, 29 22:57
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