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life in general
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so i was wondering, outside of being crazy at mapping, what do you all do with your lives? like i play guitar and hope to become professional. you?
2008, 04, 30 05:03
I am going to rule the world.

Besides, I will soon start studying Maths and already have been programming (mainly C++) for a while, which is what I plan to do for a living.

But I suppose that the ruling-the-world part will consume most of my time...
Der Pinky, der Pinky und der Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain...
2008, 04, 30 09:47
journalist / music producer
2008, 04, 30 11:18
software engineer
2008, 04, 30 14:36
I go to school and play sc.
2008, 04, 30 22:17
Studying at Fullsail to become a Modeler/Texturer

Rapper/beat maker
2008, 05, 01 01:32
I also stalk/rape/murder/eat various individuals, as a hobby. Then I wear their skins to halloween.
2008, 05, 01 06:42
oh i always wondered why you had a roseanne costume last halloween
2008, 05, 01 14:42
2008, 05, 01 20:44
sports and computer games. thats me.

party occasionally.
2008, 05, 02 01:00
"i play guitar and hope to become professional"

You're an original ;)

I write and hope to become professional :) It may explain why I'm such a stalwart non-conformist :D
2008, 05, 02 19:37
lol original good or original bad?

spines if you need a minion, contact me. i want to be part of the new world order :D
modified by illisid
2008, 05, 03 03:20
same as spinesheath and LostTampon (or lnept)
(but i forgot all abut c++ and c#)
what about panschk? he was a java maniac right?
2008, 05, 08 04:30
You did well to forget about C#, but C++?!? I can't accept that!
2008, 05, 08 11:08
meh, I dislike C++ :/
but still I need it for school lol.
Learning VB6.0 besides this and I might become some software engeneer, later on, after studying.
2008, 05, 09 23:27
i've been using VB.NET (stupid dotnet framework)
2008, 05, 10 06:38
VB... rofl.

Really, guys, VB is bullshit. Maybe you can do some quick programs with it, but performance is incredibly bad.

C++ for most of the project, and some inline assembler wherever it is useful.
2008, 05, 10 12:56
Depends on which level you want to work; if you want to build applications that don't need a high performance but a solid architecture you can forget about c++ (and yes, nearly forgot everything about c++ because in most projects i worked it was never used -> only c# and java).
Imo the problem with C++ is that you have to fight the programming language first to be able to focus on the real problem. Of course, if you learned it for years you have less troubles with the language, but C++ was never supportive for the high level applications i had to create so far.
About VB... I think you see it too much much from the performance point of view spines. You can accomplish a lot of things with VB, and the performance is mostly sufficient for the application you want to create. Therefore i think VB has its right as a "programming language" although it's more for the unexperienced programmer (who has bad knowledge about OO) to hack some programs.
2008, 05, 10 15:04
Are you saying that C++ doesn't allow a solid architecture? Oo
Wth is a "high level application" btw?

Use Python, Ruby, Java, C#, whatever, but not VB. VB makes me sad.
2008, 05, 10 15:37
low-level = programming tied closer to hardware
high-level = more abstract programming
"level" has nothing to do with skillz, just the level of abstraction :P

ok i was a bit exaggerating... of course it's possible to create solid programs with c++, i was referring to (sry again this word) high-level applications.

And VB is a good thing if you dont have tons of time to learn a real programming language :P
modified by LostTampon
2008, 05, 10 16:45
I know low / high level PROGRAMMING, but not applications. If you were talking about high-level programming then of course C++ isn't all that supportive unless you dig out the appropriate libraries (which actually isn't all that hard... there are plenty of game engines, MFC, Forms...)

Imo C++ allows you to build much more solid programs than all this high-level and managed stuff. Sure, you have to be aware of what you are doing. There is no GC that cleans up your mess (besides, a GC is not perfect either). But at least you have much more control over what the program does than in most other languages. As soon as the compiler writes half of your program for you, lots of unexpected problems can occur.

Yep, I like to have full control over what I write. I even don't like C++ in some aspects, but writing everything in ASM is not really an option.
2008, 05, 10 17:12
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