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life in general
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Full control is good - when you have time for it.

P.S. High-level apps are my own definition of applications that are written with high-lvl programming languages. Sry for any obfuscation :P
2008, 05, 10 19:21
lol of course vb is for kids.
java and C# are very used but i have no time to learn c++
they tried to tech me c++ at school but i will just ask a programmer to do that hard job ;)
i was talking about dotnet
VB.NET you can make really FAST aplications :D
and don't have to spend time learning a language.
in the end you don't want to be the best programmer, ingenieering goes more far away.
and you'll ask the programmers to generate the code.
in my opinion it's more usefull to leanr an idiom (english, chinese, etc)<< than learning c++
2008, 05, 14 07:51
If everyone said that, we would have to write our programs in english or chinese because nobody knows C++.

"Create a Window.
Show the startup Screen with Singleplayer on the top left, the credits on the bottom left [...]"

It would be cool to program that way, but... no.
2008, 05, 14 11:22
rofl, that'd be gosu/a huge headache. You'd get syntax errors EVERYWHERE.
2008, 05, 14 17:12
Well, Ruby comes really close to the English language - for a programming language. At least from what I read about it, which wasn't much, though ;)
2008, 05, 14 18:15
i mean, i don't want to be the best programmer so learning Vb.NET and power builder would be enough for me.

i prefer flash aplications
i'm interested on XAML
2008, 05, 16 20:08
if ('testbug' commands at most 0 'buildings') then
end scenario for current player
2008, 05, 16 20:09
I sell cell phone crap for Verizon. I play poker, TFT, BW, and SF3:3S. I don't map anymore.
2008, 12, 19 23:00
when you make ums, you are a programmer :)
2008, 12, 25 19:29
go to planet char and crawl like a broodling
spy on a protoss community!!!
i play piano!!
im still in high school though(joke!!)haha!!
dont worry protoss fans i love protoss too!!!
modified by br00dling_94
2008, 12, 26 09:26
"high" school? you sure?
2008, 12, 27 05:52
Of course UMS mapping is programming.

I got my master's degree in computer science 2 months ago and work as an IT-consultant in Frankfurt now.

ruby's syntax is really very terse. For readability, I prefer python. Doesn't really matter anyway, the existing frameworks are much more important than any language features when you want to do real projects. So I use Java all the time;)

Oh, and I try to play some basketball from time to time. Hopefully more in the summer.
2009, 01, 03 16:22
Hey Panschk :D
2009, 01, 04 00:32
hi ;-)
2009, 01, 04 10:15
How's your move?
2009, 01, 05 15:44
do you mean how the move to frankfurt went? Pretty smoothly. I did not have to get any furniture and my father helped my with getting my clothes here.

Frankfurt already feels almost like home to me. I'm almost ready to move on again^^
2009, 01, 13 16:18
Geez, Java... We've gotta program in Java at University and I hate it...
C++ ftw!
2009, 01, 13 20:57
C++ is too hard for me:D

Seriously, String manipulation for example is just ridicoulously hard in C++. There are like 4 different String classes if you work in Windows, that do pretty much the same but with different methods.

I'm beginning to learn ruby now. That is one sexy language:)
2009, 03, 01 20:40
Who uses the string class anyways? Arrays ftw :p

Also, Java has String, StringBuffer and at least one other String Class...
2009, 03, 02 11:31
i run a commercial department in a telephone company. i like to spend time with my wife and family and play videogames
2009, 03, 07 19:17
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