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I wrote this poem for a suicidal friend because I was bored. I dunno if it's any good or absolute crap, I can't judge poetry, much less my own.

Elegiac Sonnet for Dave

Dawn doth diverge from dusk as the dust digresses,
All over the land lit dark and bright confesses,
Valiant knight steward of thy tower expresses:

In majesty's hall crashes the kavetching chair
Derelict it is as I am wont of late Mare,
Save my name honour as I mean sorry sincere.

Caught amidst the tempest flung spiraling careless
Out the ferry quite contrary t'my wish boundless,
Turning calm t'eye refuge am I truly heedless.

Take from me what you wish, desire none have I,
Borrowing such martyrdom as epics claim sigh:
Yearning oft only for closure bliss give'th me nigh,

Respectfully all else I must deny for gay
Death alone solitude bring, down this dark doom'd day.
2008, 05, 10 21:10
definitely,it has something - i hope it's really yours...

for awhile i found a poem in the net with a very funny name - Come to Grief - writen by someone is just 1 poem from an whole collection with the same title.enjoy...

Come to Grief (1994)

Encounter many problems in life
Dealing with a constant strife
Confidence nowhere to be found
Ability run into the ground

My future looks extremely bleak
An immediate exit I seek
Ready to take my chances with fate
Carve my name in a block of slate

Razor blades are everywhere
They'll help me through my despair
Horizontal slashes-the wrist
Bleed, purge, my final bliss

My equilibrium is way off balance
I should be placed under surveillance
As I add to these holes in the walls
Life's got me by the balls

Watch me as I come to grief
Writhing in my final release
Agony like you've never known
From this clump of dust I'm thrown
2008, 05, 11 07:01
I wrote that poem last night after finishing reading Through the Looking Glass, which I read after talking to Dave.
2008, 05, 11 07:27
I wrote another poem, of completely different genre in a completely different style:

Love Couplets in Iambic Hexameter

I'd like for you to think upon one thing for me,
Loudly for the world to see I wish to decree:

Over all other things in importance I want,
Valiantly to illustrate t'you and even flaunt,

Eager as early bird who knows he'll get the worm,
Yearning like the bar'd student does to join the firm:

On top of the planet I lust to say it's true:
Unparalleled in my mind t'indite: I, love: you.
2008, 05, 13 04:57
ok nmjoo,because you feel so bored and you start to spam the site with crappy articles - i have a assignment for ya.of course only if you feel well doing this.write something short,a 2 line couplet not longer than in your last poem - as appendix for my new map.the map tileset would be - badlands;the last environment that i haven't used so theme - whatever u want so long it's not childish/weird;you can use a starcraft theme also.

i already have the raw concept in my mind...still thinking about some details.

of course i will give you credits for it in the info box of the map.
2008, 05, 26 22:27
hm, what mood/tone would you like it? Cheerful, depressing, excitied, sarcastic, romantic, etc, and any themes you want?
2008, 05, 27 20:01
ok,so you want more precise parameters for it.a sarcastic/cheerful tone is not really my thing - they give me always the feeling it covers something.a romantic/depressing tone suggest always reflectiveness - which come definitively closer to my,yeah try this if you can.

as theme i already said you are free to choose.but if you want me to restrict it a bit,i would say something worth to think about it,like a paradox or just a cunning thought.i said you can use a starcraft theme as well.if you choose this theme than maybe something about the terrans - because of the badlands tileset.what a marine/whatever think before or after a battle against the zerg;something about a destroyed city or what he feels to see hes comrades dead;for what was this battle good for,etc.something like this case be cautious not to glide into a patriotic cliche.
2008, 05, 27 22:11
and you want just a couplet? One stanza two lines? Or a couple couplets like my last one?
2008, 05, 28 05:16
well,i guess 4 lines will do well too,if you keep them not too long so that they can fit toghether with the usual - map by ... - in the description box of the map
2008, 05, 28 17:12
The dawn rose veiled by the clouds the battle bequeathed,
And hardly could we see to return weapons sheathed,

Never to see that sun again could friends and foes,
Killed but for what aim 'cept to fog the sun with blows?
2008, 05, 31 07:58
thx nmjoo;but i think all 4 lines won't fit.i guess i have to decide between the 2 couplets..
2008, 06, 01 01:43
ugh lol; if you combine the two lines of each couplet into one will it fit? So you have two lines only?
2008, 06, 01 03:17
i try it out;there are together simply too long..
2008, 06, 02 00:02
Friend questioned by poetic talent, and told me to write a poem about his success in starcraft in fifteen minutes. Now, it took thirty minutes, but I was distracted ~~

Iambic Hexameter Quartets for Ryan

Rising above to strike opponents down he comes,
Yearning to clean the field of filth as the beat drums,
And eviscerate foes friends flee with eerie hums
Not quieted by the screams of evil in sums,

Killing all does Ryan my captain O noble
And pure leader he is yes, as the white opal
Itself, yet moves like his dark templar are mobile,
Moving in silence dealing precision able,

Inevitable is His victory always,
Not unlike the gods themselves he explores that maze
Cultivated by the random of life, his gaze
Hath no bounds but the infinity 'yond the haze.

Ever valiant and victorious is that Great,
Universally unchallenged cept to cruel fate,
Never faltering, always advancing, to sate
Gallant thirst for triumph Auir loves, foemen hate.
2008, 06, 04 00:27
Rondel of TeamLiquid

Terror stews in enemy's mind,
Egregiously ousting their lives,
As we overwhelm from our hives.

Making foes truly fear our kind,
Loosening mortal coils in fives,
Icy death embraces their blind,

Quagmires of blood all in a wind,
Under our plank do take their dives,
Igniting our triumph through rives,
Deftly Team Liquid dawns Earth-kind.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2008, 07, 04 02:32
starcraft poems?
you spelled foes wrong :P
2008, 07, 12 19:26
fixed :)
2008, 07, 12 23:49
That Damned Pillow

Sliding across the plane we call reality,
Unadjusted like fish caught by the hook from sea,
Flailing in the dark yet unmoving like a tree,

Facing this doom as eagerly as that new dog,
Obediently awaiting that hypnagogue,
Caging him in castration and me in this bog:

Asphyxiation's not half this paralysis,
Teeming with hate that damned pillow keeps my abyss,
Everything fades as dream leads through this quietus.
2008, 08, 12 13:01
Bumping past trash.
2008, 08, 19 11:46
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