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possible cooperations
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That pretty much sums up Blizzard. Download a new patch and all the replays of a previous patch are worthless. Put out the new Starcraft and ALL the maps of the old Starcraft are worthless. Stupid idiots all of them, no respect for history, no sense of tradition.

I take it also that we will not be able to use scmdraft2 to make new maps. Is the "new" editor going to have the power of scmdraft2? Will it have sprites? Or are we going to have to wait till someone somewhere puts out some program like scmdraft2 for SC-2?
2007, 11, 20 01:40
@Lancet: It is pretty obvious nothing will work and it isn't stupid of them. SC2 is a whole different game so you can't expect SC to work with it O_O

But if you haven't been keeping up with all the information regarding SC2 then refer to these 2 links about the SC2 map maker program:
2007, 11, 21 07:12
Hey, Lancet, if that wasn't PURE IRONY... well, I wouldn't want to mention it.
2007, 11, 21 17:25
Thanks Spartan, sorry but I don't like Blizzard, I don't think they really care about the history and tradition of the game and I think that is reflected in their system. But the question I have in mind was not answered in the link you provided.

I want to know if all the capabilities of the current editors like scmdraft2 (that have made the old editor obsolete) will be present in the new editor. Also I think that they should make the new comp capable of recognizing neutrals or mineral blocks so it won't mess up pathing.

spinesheath, huh? If that was meant to be some sort of a putdown remember that half of the fun of berating people it to have them understand what you are saying.

Hey, remeber to go vote for this MOTM!
modified by Lancet
2007, 11, 21 18:47
SC2 isn't SC1, but the new editor will be more powerful as the WC3 editor, which is great. But thas not the point of discussion here.

First of all, i think that there will be dozens of SC2 map pages short after release. Still we "just" need to be the best to survive.

Some thoughts of mine:

- when i want to look for maps, i wont visit a gaming or leaguepage. I visit a mappage, a mapdatabase. Leagues got their maps, not every map, nor a mapping community.

- mapping community - thats exactly what we are and that's exactly why we need our own page. I doubt that bwmn would be as good as it is now, if we were on "some other" site.

- still, if we create our own page, we should take huge effort to get visitors. best would be to be linked from every big page, and not just via banner at the bottom of the page, but with a huge button in the pages navigation. this is very hard to do - propably not possible, but still worth a try.

- our design needs to be perfect and easy to use:

we need a members login, with personal pages for every member, personal details, downloads etc. pp.
we need a good system, from scratch to a perfect and balanced map. when is a map "finished", when is it beta, how to sort them, etc.

- our cooporations needs to be "worldwide". Gosugamers, instarcraft, wgt and every other big page needs to link our maps and needs to use them.

thats why our page needs to look good, not like BWMN at the moment. i'd do the whole design (im a webdesign apprentice already) for the page and show you concept arts on what everything should look like. but we need to hurry and get everything done even before SC2 is released. There should be a "bigger" mapping community on our new page to get into competition right from the start so that there is no question which page designs the best sc2 maps.

this is going to be very difficult and time consuming in the beginning, as there will be a lot of competiting pages.

well, that are my first thoughts.

btw, starparty, i want your ideas so badly!! :D
2007, 12, 02 21:49
I like bwm for how simple it is in a lot of ways. It's pretty simple and user-friendly, easy to use, etc. It's not fancy, it doesn't hurt your eyes, doesn't take forever to load, etc.

Only thing I spose the site could use is an in-depth search function like tl has. Hunting stuff down sometimes can get really tedious :)
2008, 01, 05 12:18
My merge offer still stands to have a whole section on VG,, for this community to run. panschk himself said he was too busy to continue development for a while, which can be detrimental because while this site lays dormant other sites have more time to take it's place. If the merge were to go through, then BWM/MC would have better chances as a mapping community to thrice with the release of SC2.

What I offer and what you get is as follows..

- Me as a solid/dedicated developer for adding new features to the site, and continued support.
- A more organized and functional design for the mappers of this community, something that would look like this:

What we have that you already have..

- Ratings for maps.
- Users can comment on maps.
- Mapping forums:

What I can add that you already have..

- Uploading of replays per specific map.
- A clone of the GMSC system.

panschk, you have my email should you have any questions.
2008, 08, 13 17:54
Thanks for keeping this idea alive.

Some bullet points on my personal point of view:

  • I'm not up to date about what happens in the BW community, I even don't really follow BWMN I can only talk from my point of view as a developer.

  • It's great if BWMN/mapcraft becomes less dependant on me from a technical point of view. Right now the only way any new feature makes it into the site is that I implement and integrate it myself.

  • I feel a bit sad if the work wanja and myself did for MCN will be unused. But that's okay I guess, considering I may never have the time to finish it and keep improving it over time (the latter would probably be the bigger problem.) Still a valuable experience anyway...

  • I would still like to be able to add features or fix a bug occasionally. I know Kris is reluctant to give strangers access to the web-server, and rightfully so, but I can definetly learn a lot from kris, and could still be of some use here and there, for example when migrating data like maps to another site.

So to make a long story short, as long as I can still be part of "the development team", I'm fine with a merger.
2008, 08, 14 23:15
Vilegaming has a bad reputation, it's more likely that fully merging with vilegaming would hurt bwm rather than bwm helping vilegaming. Vilegaming is or was a fastest ladder, and even if they have changed it their reputation would remain the same. Cooperation can't hurt, but a merge? I dunno about that ._.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2008, 08, 16 23:37
i wont make sc2 maps
2008, 09, 04 13:04
Johnny B.Goode
I guess they won't be so easy to make like these maps,for sc.But I doubt that the majority in the community will play sc when sc2 will be finaly,available.Only those with slow comps will play furthermore sc.Oh,and puritans of course :)

2008, 09, 07 03:20
Why should SC2 mapping be harder than SC mapping? Making custom doodads might be hard, but there is no need to do that.

If Blizzard waits with the release until they can safely assume that the balance comes close to that of SC we will have to wait another 2-5 years, anyways.

Btw, if you were wondering about my absence (which will continue for a while), my C drive was corrupted when I tried out Rappelz (wtf? Bad game btw), then my PSU had some kind of short circuit and is currently being examined (aka lying around for 1-2 weeks until they decide to send me a new one), and Dell takes forever to deliver that Laptop...
2008, 09, 10 15:51
Johnny B.Goode
Have you ever tried to make a wc3 map? I doubt.There are so many settings for the terrain,for the weather,neutral units and other things(triggers,etc);you can't imagine.The wc3 editor is so powerful and it allows so many things to make! As SC Mapper you only can dream about all these possibilities.And keep in mind wc3 is 6 years old by now.Now,just imagine how impressive the new sc2 editor will be.And it will be for sure,just take a look to the screenshots on the blizz site.

Imo,the difference between average & good maps will be more significant than they are by now,for sc.You will see! Because it needs alot more time to work on all the details.Maybe it is a reason why there are so few good custom wc3 maps,and so few wc3 mappers in contrast to sc.If you believe because sc>wc3 you are def.wrong.Mappers aren't usually the best players,so i would say it is the process of mapping the true challange. But why they map sc maps when the wc3 editor allows them so much more? Ask sc mappers that tried to make wc3 maps.They will tell you how hard it is to make these maps.For all the reasons that I mention before
modified by Johnny B.Goode
2008, 09, 10 23:09
Just because you can add so much more detail it doesn't mean that mapping will be harder. For the terrain you will still be able to basically draw on a plane, and terrain (and expoes) is by far the most important thing in a map (with balance as the goal).
I don't care how much more work you need to create a good looking map, basic mapping won't be much harder.
2008, 09, 13 12:43
johnny b goode qft
2008, 11, 06 17:43
in wc3, doas weather alters terrain or units? make them slower or w/e?
2008, 11, 07 21:37
doesnt affect units, but affects certain abilities, such as night cloaking, or things like that
2008, 11, 26 19:24
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