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Last update for (3)Tau Cross1.1 : 2008, 08, 05 21:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1556 (3)Tau Cross1.1 128*128Rose.of.Dream1.1final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 66 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Arkanoid, Tau Cross 1.1, New Peaks Of Baekdu are all maps in the OSL. I don't know the authors of the maps as I didn't look hard and the maps are sadly protected, and I'm no good at hex editing. Give me the author and I will change it.
modified by Nightmarjoo
Tau Cross is designed by Rose.of.Dream; you would know him as the maker of both Nostalgia and Mercury. For a long time, we could not see his map on OSL. I'm glad to see his map again.
thx for adding it to the DB
Rose.of.Dream made many more great maps, I've seen his name pop up in so many observer maps... ;) But I can't tell you which maps are his without the risk of being wrong ;)
cant say this map is good at all. dont see why it was added.

on the plus side it is one of the few snow professional maps.

TIP: always choose this map if you ever get into OSL. it will make the koreans eyes hurt more then yours!
Author updated. Should this be league map type since it will be in the OSL as opposed to final?

@Inept lol will keep that in mind
What's wrong with the map? It's nothing special yeah but I can't see anything wrong with it. Except that it's a bit blinding ^_^
Rose of Dream have some acceptable older maps,no doubt.But this one is so commercial,so average.
Like the other before me I can't see here serious problems but also highlights.

A voyage into mediocrity....
I like the map. Added a replay I played today. It's a pretty good game. zvt.
i just like blocking zergs chokes with pylons LOL!
can someone explain the bigger bridge? it works so well but I don't see how.
well rose.of.dream has done a lot of random centers before. this one is less random, just for some flare so the positions are a little different. also ppl can pick there battles in the middle (tighter or wider)
lol I had a funny zvp game so I uploaded it. It's 13 minutes long, and not much happened. He went FE and I took my 2nd expo, went for lurk drop which stopped his gas, and later killed his mining probes, he was killing the lurks I had dropped when I was moving 2 groups of hydra and 1 of lurk to attack him and I guess he saw it with an ob or something cuz he left.
lol I just watched it myself, and he had another expo I didn't know about ><
ok I found obs of this map finally, it has been added :)

Now for neo arkanoid obs...
this map is pretty much balanced i think
I think terran is pretty strong there. ;o
what? SiBBo you don't watch progames? this map was heavy protoss
That is old comment. :b

But infact i have never saw progames in this map.
modified by SiaBBo
we have a discussion last weeks about rushes.nmjoo - perhaps you will remember that 8-pl. map?the space one??how you call it nmjoo? allow me to see the exact wording. -"Zerg rushes with fairly competent players, ie not complete noobs, are not lethal anywhere in starcraft, and nothing is present in this map which isn't present on other maps which would change that fact."- i think you will agree that strelok is competent enough for our demo,right? he lost after a rush on tau cross;a map with pretty long main2main imagine how strong a zerg rush will be on that 8 player map with the short main2main distances.

for those who still don't nothing about strelok just check the first 2 reps;the rush is in the 3 rep

Strelok went for a 14CC build against 9pool. 14CC is an EXTREMELY greedy build against zerg. Of course he wasn't able to fend that off. Get more ridiculous arguments to prove your point please.
you lol too much - more than it is healthy for ya!can u analize an statement,or everything you have are lame excuses.a statement like - Zerg rushes with fairly competent players, ie not complete noobs, are not lethal anywhere in starcraft...- means for me -so long in a game are playin' skilled players zerg rushes aren't a true threat-. what the heck it means for you ?!

and btw,if you will check the first rep strelok plays the same strategy so far only that mondragon didn't rush like in the 3 it was the rush that decide that 3 game and not a different strategy!

learn to admit mistakes when you make you wanna prove that a rush can work if not in a game like this?
"learn to admit mistakes when you make them."
Word. Listen to yourself, man.

Obviously 14CC only works in zvt if your opponent is going for 12 hatch. Strelok was very well aware of that. I haven't seen the other games but you may assume that if he did it in one game, he assumed that Mondragon would assume that he wouldn't do it again in the same bo3. Talk of mind games. Normally you indeed don't go for the same risky strategy twice. Mondragon either smelled it or just went lucky.

Anyways, you obviously are right and zerg is fucking imbalanced. That's why all the progamers 5pool all day long. After all they make more money if they win more, so they obviously will always go for the most imbalanced strategy.
Grief, shut up.
who has made a mistake? :S
everybody read the last paragraph, looks like grief is trying to teach a lesson.
you are so funny dude, i like you ;)
damn spinesheath,your contradictions are stacking one over the other - it's so far your desperate bid...5pool?what are u talking about - it was the normal 9pool + rush.imba? who said something about imba? my point was that rushes can hurt alot;and keep in mind the long distances on this much more they will hurt on that 8 pl. map with large chokes & short main2main distances.

i didn't say it'a maneuver that u can do on evry map or in evry game;but still far from "[rushes] are not lethal anywhere in starcraft".

You know, if I go for 200/200 drone only I will get raped by mass arbiters.
never mind!you know,necessity is the mother of invention ^~^
but if you zergling rush the closets oponent you'll get vulnerable to the others :S

--Nightmarjoo)hL( vs Freezer)hL((1on1, 1.14p)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs some korean(1on1, 1.14p)
--JUST_P90 vs (1on1, 1.15)
--Rye vs juniorthedutch; Mj_is_ugly(other, 1.15)
--HoRRoR.T-ScT vs l3wDl-aCe(1on1, 1.15)
--Mondragon vs Strelok(1on1, 1.15)
--Mondragon vs Strelok(1on1, 1.15)
--Mondragon vs Strelok(1on1, 1.15)

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