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Forum - sc2
Discussion Topic: Map Making
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Here is the official thread from the next month discussion of sc2:

It's about the editor and mapping in sc2.
2008, 02, 14 22:36
guys, wake up. here we go
2008, 02, 15 03:10
Why can't you see this topic on the front page?
2008, 02, 15 14:01
Here are my 2 cents.
My feature-list deals obviously mostly with melee maps.

What features would you like to see in the StarCraft II Editor?

Well first the most basic features:

- A decent symmetry feature

Well, that's the most obvious feature. Would be nice if it would not only work
for terrain, but also for buildings/units.

- Picture Snapshot

Getting a picture out of your map. Also with various options like size and quality.
Could also work with the collaboration feature described below to get the changes made in a brief glimpse.

Extended features that will be most likely not be implemented but would be cool to have:

- Collaboration techniques

Compare it to the 'Track Changes'-feature in word. A system that allows you to mark specific areas of the map with suggestions/comments. You can also hightlight new changes that could fix the existing problem. Once the map with the suggestions is sent back to the author, he can accept or discard them.

- Map versioning

I hate it to create 10 files of a map because i sometimes jump back to a previous version when things don't turn out as well as i wanted them to be. Why not having a versioning system for that like an extended svn with map-making support? Don't call me an optimist, but i am sure they will implement this. Yeah.

- Extended JASS-scripting language

I did a bit research about JASS (for those who do not know it: it's a scripting language for WC3
that will also be used in SC2) and i hope that Blizzard will improve it. There were a some shortcomings(e.g. you have to do a lot of workarounds to get stuff to work; also, there is a lack of libraries you can use; iirc it is not possible to import any other libraries. The development enviroment is also not very supporting for the scripters) that need to be solved.

- Extended possibilities for melee-maps

Furthermore, it would be cool if it was possible for melee maps to use scripts. For example (not a very balanced one i admit) to program a stormy environment where about every minute a lightning hits randomly the ground).
Moreover, custom units/tilesets for melee maps would make the creation and hence variety of maps more interesting.

Further features in question:

- Map protection

A decent encryption/decryption system for maps. This question is: Is it really necessary?
Well i don't think that there is a big enough market to bother about copyright issues in map making.

- Windows Explorer Shell Extension

See a picture of the map in the windows explorer, also providing information about several properties of the map.

How would you like to see the custom maps and mods handled in the future?
How can we support the map making community more?

Well most of it has been said in the forum *pointing to NastyMarines post*
Teamliquid Discussion Topic: Map Making
Basicly, and i think i speak for everyone here, i want more interaction between blizzard and the map making communities. This could be achieved e.g. by holding regular contests (+ prizing winners! :P) and/or using (and crediting) user made maps in the map pool.

Some ideas that came out of my mind; they are surely not complete.
Don't feel free not to flame.

modified by LostTampon
2008, 02, 15 18:00
Maybe post them in the blizzard forum too?
2008, 02, 15 19:48
Remove the hud, or alter it so that it doesn't get in the way of the map. It really makes symmetry hard for a lot of concepts. More support for symmetry. 100% tile interchangability (I want magma in my jungle maps, that will look good and fit in right, and real water in my desert maps, with a tar pit over there too (they mentioned they planned on having this, but I want it 100% and not half-assed 50% or something -_-)), with continued support for tile-by-tile editing.
Copy/paste :D
Zoom-in/out, along with a mode where you can view the map from starcraft view (exact zoom as in starcraft, and ability to control units too, easy to test 3450394509 different things without having to load your map in sc, etc, with easy restart capabilities).
Not only having copy/paste, but making pasted sections able to be edited with the isometrical tool without fucking them up into random tiles that don't fit.
Support for large/inverted ramps.


Having the terrain work better with eachother (for example, in ice terrain, water has to be so far from the highground cliff that it creates horrible tank holes, etc; also eg. mud and jungle have to be so far apart, leaving "unattractive" dirt piles).
2008, 02, 16 06:21
i heard about destructible doodads, it could be fine if bridges will collapse after X shots on it.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
2008, 02, 17 10:57
Damn! Sorry panschk I modified your post instead of mine, I feel so stupid. Please repost, sorry for that.

: ^ (
modified by Lancet

I don't know what I have written ^_^;

s*** happens -_-
modified by panschk[FP]
2008, 02, 19 13:09
I would like to know if there are going to be sprites? Will we be able to place permanent dwebs, swarms and hey maybe even psionic storm or plague? Also will the computer recognize neutrals and mineral blocks so pathing will not be messed up? Will we be able to watch games played on patch 1 of SC-2 by the time the game hits patch 15?
modified by Lancet
2008, 03, 20 03:41
Repost this on sc2 forums as well as sc2 forum. These are some really good ideas.
2009, 03, 24 19:13
A feature in the default editor that defines walkable and buildable terrain... A tool that shows properties of a selected area (Buildable Terrain=X squares, ect). A tool that measures a gap from one point to another (this will make measuring waypoints easier, esp ones that are not horizontal or vertical)

This may be farfetched, but if the same SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE unit properties are still used, a feature that allows unit-type walkthroughs in-editor (without starting the actual game) will be very time-saving. Test your pathing instantly.

AI assisting features would be nice. Create a location valued "expansion", maybe even locations valued "chokepoint" or "defensive position" will assist how computers use the map. AI assist can help a computer locate an expansion, remove a mineral block, and overall make AI utilize the map how mappers want them to.
2009, 08, 05 02:43
Also, a copy pallete, with 3 or so tabs, each creating the pallete window as big as the copied selection, and in pallete editing (reverse terrain vertical/horizontal included) will be very useful.
2009, 08, 05 02:45
larjarse is lastcurse - noob :D:D:D
2010, 03, 02 22:12

What the editor can do. So ****ing awesome.
2010, 03, 21 05:38
i really wish i could just make half a map and then the thing makes the other half so i know that it mirrored.
2010, 06, 04 16:46
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